1958 -

Writing as: Joseph Finder

Born in Chicago, Joseph Finder was raised largely oversees in both Afghanistan and the Phillipines before coming back to the States for high school. A degree from Yale in Russian studies followed and then a Master's from Harvard. He went on to teach at Harvard for a time.

Series Books
Nick Heller Vanished (2009)
  Buried Secrets (2011)
  Plan B (ss) (2011)
  Good and Valuable Consideration (ss) (2014)
  Guilty Minds (2016)
  House On Fire (2020)
Jack Reacher Good and Valuable Consideration (ss) (2014)
Other Red Carpet (1983)
  The Moscow Club (1990)
  Extraordinary Powers (1994)
  The Zero Hour (1996)
  High Crimes (1998)
  Paranoia (2004)
  Company Man aka No Hiding Place (2005)
  Killer Instinct (2006)
  Power Play (2007)