Writing as: James Mullaney

According to Wikipedia: "Jim Mullaney is a Shamus Award-nominated author of nearly 40 books, as well as comics, short stories and novellas. His work has been published by New American Library, Gold Eagle/Harlequin, Marvel Comics, Tor and Moonstone Books. He is currently co-writing with Jim Uhls (Fight Club) the screenplay to the Destroyer film adaptation for Sony, to be directed by Shane Black (Lethal Weapon, Iron Man 3). He was born in Massachusetts, the last of six children."

Series Books
The Destroyer The Ultimate Death (1992)
  Prophet of Doom (1998)
  Brain Storm (1998)
  The Empire Dreams (1998)
  Failing Marks (1999)
  Misfortune Teller (1999)
  The Final Reel (1999)
  Deadly Genes (1999)
  Killer Watts (2000)
  Fade To Black (2000)
  The Last Monarch (2000)
  The Wrong Stuff (2001)
  By Eminent Domain (2001)
  Disloyal Opposition (2001)
  Syndication Rites (2001)
  A Pound Of Prevention (2001)
  Air Raid (2002)
  Market Force (2002)
  End Of The Beginning (2002)
  Father To Son (2002)
  Waste Not, Want Not (2003)
  Unnatural Selection (2003)
  Guardian Angel (2007)
  Choke Hold (2007)
  Dead Reckoning (2008)
  Killer Ratings (2008)
  Blood Brotherhood (2021)
  Trial By Bire (2021)
The Red Menace Red and Buried (2011)
  Drowning In Red Ink (2012)
  Red The Riot Act (2012)
  A Red Letter Day (2013)
  Red On The Menu (2014)
Other One Horse Open Slay [Crag Banyon] (2011)
  Devil May Care [Crag Banyon] (2012)
  Royal Flush [Crag Banyon] (2013)
  Sea No Evil [Crag Banyon] (2013)
  Bum Luck [Crag Banyon] (2014)
  Flying Blind [Crag Banyon] (2014)
  Shoot The Moon [Crag Banyon] (2015)