1929 -

Writing as: David Craig, Bill James, Judith Jones, James Tucker

British crime and spy novelist James Tucker is a former journalist whose Harpur and Iles detective series was televised on BBC1. He is particularly adept at writing about characters born in the same Cardiff region he was raised in. In his spare time he teaches a creative writing course at the University of Wales.

Series Books
David Craig
Bellecroix and Roath Young Men May Die (1970)
  A Walk At Night (1971)
Roy Rickman The Alias Man (1969)
  Message Ends (1969)
  Contact Lost (1970)
Other The Tattooed Detective (1998)
  Torch (1999)
  Bay City (2000)
  Hear Me Talking to You (2005)
  Tip Top (2006)
Bill James
Simon Abelard Split (2002)
  A Man's Enemies (2004)
Other You’d Better Believe It [Colin Harpur] (1985)
  The Lolita Man [Colin Harpur] (1986)
  Halo Parade [Colin Harpur] (1987)
  Protection [Colin Harpur] (1988)
  Come Clean [Colin Harpur] (1989)
  Take [Colin Harpur] (1990)
  Club [Colin Harpur] (1991)
  Astride a Grave [Colin Harpur] (1991)
  Gospel [Colin Harpur] (1992)
  Roses, Roses [Colin Harpur] (1993)
  In Good Hands {Colin Harpur] (1994)
  The Detective Is Dead [Colin Harpur] (1995)
  Top Banana [Colin Harpur] (1996)
  The Last Enemy (1997)
  Panicking Ralph [Colin Harpur] (1997)
  Lovely Mover [Colin Harpur] (1998)
  Eton Crop [Colin Harpur] (1999)
  Kill Me [Colin Harpur] (2000)
Judith Jones
Other Baby Talk (1998)
  After Melissa (1999)
James Tucker
Other Blaze of Riot (1979)
  The King's Friends (1982)