1924 - 2005

Writing as: William Ardens, Michael Collins, John Crowe, Carl Dekker, Dennis Lynds, Sheila McErlean, Mark Sadler

According to the bio on his website: "A raconteur and Renaissance man, Dennis Lynds changed the mystery form and along the way created iconic private detectives who won the hearts of readers and the awards of critics. He was a tall, lanky man with a nose the size of Gibraltar and a generous nature that made him a soft touch for friends, panhandlers, and his children. He published some 40 novels under various pseudonyms, won awards such as the Edgar — the mystery world’s highest honor — and received accolades from legendary authors and legendary newspapers."

Series Books
William Ardens
Other A Dark Power [Kane Jackson] (1968)
  The Goliath Scheme [Kane Jackson] (1970)
  Deal in Violence [Kane Jackson] (1971)
  Murder Underground aka Die to a Distant Drum [Kane Jackson] (1972)
  Deadly Legacy [Kane Jackson] (1973)
  Mystery of the Blue Condor (1973)
Michael Collins
Other Act Of Fear [Dan Fortune] (1967)
  The Brass Rainbow [Dan Fortune] (1969)
  Lukan War (1969)
  The Planets of Death (1970)
  Night Of The Toads [Dan Fortune] (1970)
  Walk A Black Wind [Dan Fortune] (1971)
  Shadow Of A Tiger [Dan Fortune] (1972)
  The Silent Scream [Dan Fortune] (1973)
  Blue Death [Dan Fortune] (1975)
  The Blood-Red Dream [Dan Fortune] (1976)
  The Nightrunners [Dan Fortune] (1978)
  The Slasher [Dan Fortune] (1980)
  Freak [Dan Fortune] (1983)
  Minnesota Strip [Dan Fortune] (1987)
  Red Rosa [Dan Fortune] (1988)
  Castrato [Dan Fortune] (1989)
  Chasing Eights [Dan Fortune] (1990)
  The Irishman's Horse [Dan Fortune] (1991)
  Crime, Punishment and Resurrection [Dan Fortune] (1992)
  Cassandra In Red [Dan Fortune] (1992)
  The Cadillac Cowboy (1995)
  Fortune's World [Dan Fortune] (2000)
John Crowe
Other A Touch of Darkness [Buena Costa County] (1972)
  Another Way To Die [Buena Costa County] (1972)
  Bloodwater [Buena Costa County] (1974)
  Crooked Shadows [Buena Costa County] (1975)
  When They Kill Your Wife [Buena Costa County] (1977)
  Close To Death [Buena Costa County] (1979)
Carl Dekker
Other Woman In Marble (1973)
Dennis Lynds
Nick Carter (1964) The N3 Conspiracy (1974)
  Triple Cross (1976)
  The Green Wolf Connection (1976)
  The Execution Exchange (1985)
  Mercenary Mountain (1986)
  The Cyclops Conspiracy (1986)
  The Samurai Kill (1986)
  The Master Assassin (1986)
  Blood of the Falcon (1987)
The Man From U.N.C.L.E. The Vanishing Act Affair (1966)
  The THRUSH from THRUSH Affair (1966)
  The World's End Affair (1966)
  The Cat and Mouse Affair (1966)
  The Howling Teenagers Affair (1966)
  The Genghis Khan Affair (1967)
  The Mind Sweeper Affair (1967)
The Shadow (1963) The Shadow Strikes (1964)
  Shadow Beware (1964)
  Cry Shadow (1964)
  The Shadow's Revenge (1964)
  Mark Of The Shadow (1966)
  Shadow - Go Mad! (1966)
  The Night Of The Shadow (1966)
  Destination: Moon (1966)
Other Combat Soldier (1962)
  Uptown Downtown (1963)
  Charlie Chan Returns (1974)
  SWAT: Crossfire (1975)
Sheila McErlean
Other Mask Of Silence (1968)
Mark Sadler
Triple Threat A Common Enemy (1989)
Other The Falling Man [Paul Shaw] (1970)
  Here To Die [Paul Shaw] (1971)
  Mirror Image [Paul Shaw] (1972)
  Circle Of Fire [Paul Shaw] (1973)
  Touch Of Death [Paul Shaw] (1981)
  Deadly Innocents [Paul Shaw] (1986)
  Blood Fever [Mack Bolan] (1989)
  Moving Target [Mack Bolan] (1990)