1953 -

Writing as: Will Murray

William Murray (born 1953) is an American novelist, journalist, short story, and comic book writer. Much of his fiction has been published under pseudonyms. With artist Steve Ditko, he co-created the superhero Squirrel Girl.

Will Murray grew up in Boston, Massachusetts and graduated North Quincy High school in June 1971, subsequently graduating summa cum laude from the University of Massachusetts at Boston. After becoming a fan of the pulp fiction hero Doc Savage, he began collecting pulp magazines and wrote two psychological profiles of the character in The Doc Savage Reader. He went on to write for fanzines and edit the fanzines Duende and Skullduggery before joining the pulp-reprint publisher Odyssey Publications. He also co-authored the study, The Duende History of The Shadow Magazine. Circa 1978, "I discovered the outline to [Doc Savage creator] Lester Dent's unwritten Python Isle and decided to take a shot at writing it. Bantam [Books] passed on it initially, and by the time they came back and asked for it and two more Docs, I was busily ghosting [the adventure paperback series] The Destroyer for [series co-creator] Warren Murphy."

Note: check out the Wikipedia entry itself to see the impressive range of this man's work.

Series Books
The Destroyer Destroyer World: The Assassin's Handbook (1982)
  Inside Sinanju (1982)
  Encounter Group (1984)
  The Sky Is Falling (1985)
  Lost Yesterday (1986)
  The Last Alchemist (1986)
  Blood Ties (1987)
  The Eleventh Hour (1987)
  Return Engagement (1988)
  Sole Survivor (1988)
  Line Of Succession (1988)
  Walking Wounded (1988)
  Rain of Terror (1988)
  Shooting Schedule (1989)
  Blue Smoke And Mirrors (1989)
  The Final Crusade (1989)
  Coin of the Realm (1989)
  Death Sentence (1990)
  Hostile Takeover (1990)
  Survival Zero (1990)
  Skull Duggery (1991)
  Ground Zero (1991)
  Blood Lust (1991)
  Arabian Nightmare (1991)
  Ghost In The Machine (1992)
  The Ultimate Death (1992)
  Mob Psychology (1992)
  Dark Horse (1992)
  Feeding Frenzy (1993)
  Cold Warrior (1993)
  The Last Dragon (1993)
  Terminal Transmission (1993)
  High Priestess (1994)
  Infernal Revenue (1994)
  Identity Crisis (1994)
  Target of Opportunity (1994)
  The Color of Fear (1995)
  Bidding War (1995)
  Unite and Conquer (1995)
  Last Rites (1995)
  Engines of Destruction (1996)
  Angry White Mailmen (1996)
  Scorched Earth (1996)
  White Water (1996)
  Feast or Famine (1996)
The Executioner Red Horse (1997)
Nick Fury Empyre (2000)
Secret Agent X The Secret Agent "X" Companion (2007)