1947 -

Writing as: Cliff Banks, Stephen Brett, Jack Buchanan, Jim Case, Stephen Mertz

According to Wikipedia: "Stephen Mertz is an American fiction author who is best known for his mainstream thrillers and novels of suspense. His work covers a wide variety of styles from paranormal dark suspense (Night Wind and Devil Creek) to historical speculative thrillers (Blood Red Sun) and hardboiled noir (Fade to Tomorrow).

Stephen Mertz has traveled widely and is a U.S. Army veteran. He presently lives in the American Southwest, and he is always at work on a new book.

Series Books
Cliff Banks
Other Mud and Blood [Tunnel Rats] (1989)
  Tunnel Rats [Tunnel Rats] (1989)
Stephen Brett
Other Some Die Hard (1979)
  The Vampire Chase (1979)
Jack Buchanan
Other Miami War Zone [MIA Hunter] (1988)
  Desert Death Raid [MIA Hunter] (1989)
  Back to ’Nam [MIA Hunter] (1990)
Jim Case
John Cody Cody's Army (1986)
  Assault Into Libya (1986)
  Philippine Hardpunch (1987)
  Belfast Blitz (1987)
  D.C. Firestrike (1987)
  Hellfire In Haiti (1987)
  Sword of the Prophet (1988)
Other Assault Into Libya [Cody's Army] (1986)
  Cody's Army [Cody's Army] (1986)
  D.C. Firestrike [Cody's Army] (1987)
  Belfast Blitz [Cody's Army] (1987)
  Philippine Hardpunch [Cody's Army] (1987)
  Hellfire in Haiti [Cody's Army] (1988)
  Sword of the Prophet [Cody's Army] (1988)
Stephen Mertz
Mack Bolan Dirty War (1985)
Jack Cody Dragonfire! (2019)
  Camp David Has Fallen! (2019)
  The Fires Of Allah (2019)
  Day Of Reckoning (2019)
  The Last Refuge (2019)
  Cody's Return (2022)
  Lethal Assault (2022)
  Final Strike (2022)
  Afghanistan Payback (2022)
  Hellfire In Syria (2023)
The Executioner The Iranian Hit (1982)
  Return to Vietnam (1982)
  The Libya Connection (1982)
  Tuscany Terror (1983)
  Day of Mourning (1984)
  Dead Man Running (1984)
  Beirut Payback (1984)
  Appointment In Kabul (1985)
  Teheran Wipeout (1985)
  Moscow Massacre (1986)
  Save the Children (1986)
M.I.A. Hunter Stone: M.I.A. Hunter (1985)
  Cambodian Hellhole (1985)
  Hanoi Deathgrip (1985)
  Mountain Massacre (1985)
  Exodus From Hell (1986)
  Blood Storm (1986)
  Escape From Nicaragua (1987)
  Saigon Slaughter (1987)
  Invasion U.S.S.R. (1988)
  Miami War Zone (1988)
  Crossfire Kill (1988)
  Desert Death Raid (1989)
  Back To 'Nam (1990)
  L.A. Gang War (1990)
  Heavy Fire (1991)
  China Strike (1991)
  Hostage Town (2014)
Other Blood Red Sun (1989)
  Sudden Death (1995)
  Night Wind (2002)
  Fade to Tomorrow (2004)
  Devil Creek (2004)
  The Korean Intercept (2005)
  Dragon Games (2010)
  Hank & Muddy (2011)
  The Castro Directive (2013)
  Blaze! Zombies Over Yonder [Blaze] (2015)
  Sherlock Holmes: Zombies Over London [Blaze] (2015)
  The King of Horror & Other Stories (2015)
  The Christmas Journey [Blaze] (2016)
  A Son of the Gun [Blaze] (2016)
  Jimi After Dark (2017)
  The Moses Deception (2017)
  Say It Was Murder (2018)
  Cold In The Grave [Kilroy] (2018)
  The Dark of Midnight (2018)
  The Devil's Music [Kilroy] (2019)
  Sweet Blackmail [Kilroy] (2019)