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Full Name: John Cody
Series Name: Cody's Army
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jim Case
Time Span: 1986 - 1988


John Cody is an agent with the CIA.

He has been one for some time when we first meet him. That fact and some of his history which is good to know about Cody is explained early on in that first recorded adventure:

"Cody had been at this sort of thing for a long time, utilizing infiltration and combat skills taught him courtesy of Uncle Sam's Marine Corps and honed to a razor's edge during three tours of combat duty with the Special Forces in Vietnam. There he had commanded a covert 'hit-and-git' hard strike force intended to neutralize important enemy targets, both military and civilian, and, more than a few times, behind enemy lines, pulling off success after success when there had seemed no chance for success, and usually with no mention made in official files.

"During that time he had begun working with the CIA, and after the U.S. pullout he continued, even after his official military discharge, handling difficult jobs for the Company that took him from Ireland to Iran, from Libya to El Salvador.

"He drew the missions that were considered impossible, or maybe just too damn dirty, except for someone with his skills and track record; dangerous, lonely work, but the only kind Cody could imagine for himself."

To help him in his extremely dangerous assignments are three men who have their own stories and reasons for being as tough and determined as they are. Again in that first book we are given a one-line description of Cody and his men:

JOHN CODY. A former Princetonian seasoned in Vietnam combat, he's the CIA's most amazing "mission impossible" man-and sworn to fight terrorism by any means necessary.

HAWKEYE HAWKINS. The tough, wisecracking Texan, he's one of the most daring men Cody took fire with in Vietnam.

RUFE MURPHY. The black giant whose exploits as a daredevil pilot became a legend, he saves a special hell for terrorists.

RICHARD CAINE. Booted out of England's crack anti-terrorist strike force for insubordination, he's the world's greatest demolitions expert-and one of the bravest men alive.

Together they make up a unit called Cody's Army.


Number of Books:7
First Appearance:1986
Last Appearance:1988

1 Cody's Army Cody's Army
Written by Jim Case
Copyright: 1986

Terrorists hijack a plane to Lebanon and issue demands no one will meet. To show they mean business, they execute two passengers on the tarmac. The CIA send John Cody and his Army to free the plane and Cody plans on eliminating the terrorists.
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2 Assault Into Libya Assault Into Libya
Written by Jim Case
Copyright: 1986

The terrorist leader Abdul Kamal is using the sanctuary that Libya offers to strike targets in Europe and then return to safety. John Cody and his men decide they will put an end that by heading in-country to wipe them out.
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3 Philippine Hardpunch Philippine Hardpunch
Written by Jim Case
Copyright: 1987

Jared Bolt and a fellow warrior will risk everything to hunt down and destroy a gang who raped and killed two Indian girls.
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4 Belfast Blitz Belfast Blitz
Written by Jim Case
Copyright: 1987

Terrance Leslie is the number two man in the IRA and has a plan bring about a total rebellion by all of Northern Ireland. This plan will involve the deaths of hundreds. John Cody and his men plan to stop them.
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5 D.C. Firestrike D.C. Firestrike
Written by Jim Case
Copyright: 1987

Operation Firehawk was an outrageous plan to storm into the nation's capitol and kidnap the President. John Cody and his men intend to get the Chief Executive back and make the plotters pay.
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6 Hellfire In Haiti Hellfire In Haiti
Written by Jim Case
Copyright: 1987

Rufe has been captured by an ex-Green Beret who is training terrorists in the mountains of Haiti and plan to kill him in a very slow and painful way. Cody, Hawkeye and Caine are determined to rescue their friend.
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7 Sword of the Prophet Sword of the Prophet
Written by Jim Case
Copyright: 1988

Colonel Hassan Khamoon of the Irani army has taken a different tack in the Iran-Iraq War. Instead of going after Iraqi targets, he will lead a small group to conduct acts of terrorism against America, hated enemy of Iran and backer of Iraq. John Cody and his men must go into the war zone to find and destroy the man's encampment.
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This series is far more military action than anything remotely espionage related. And I do not care! Stephen Mertz literally and figuratively wrote the book on small-team military action and he did it so well that no matter how impossible the scenario, I found myself "believing" and rooting for Cody. And I liked the other guys as well which is important because Mertz does not treat them as cannon fodder to be exploited and discarded. He makes them almost as important as the main character and let's us enjoy their presence.

I first became a fan of Mertz when he gave me/us the extremely enjoyable Mark Stone, M.I.A. Hunter, a year before this series came out. Of course, at the time I had no idea that Jim Case, the pseudonym used for this one, was Stephen Mertz. I just knew here was another action-packed series to enjoy and I did. Now I know and can appreciate the author's great talent even more.

Do not go for this series if you looking for Le Carre or Deighton. Go for it if you are looking for a terrific kick-butt experience with some interesting kickers. If that is what you are seeking, boy, do you find it in these books.


My Grade: B+


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