The Despot Of The World
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The Despot Of The World

Written by George E. Rochester

Originally released serially in two issues of Boys Own Paper, October and November, 1929. Released as The Squadron of Death in paperback format in Boys' Wonder Library #1, July 1932. Released in book format in 1938.
This "chronicles the further adventure of the Flying Beetle", "told by Major Beverley, his great friend. Following two mysterious messages from the Flying Beetle, Major Beverley proceeds to a small country town in Northern Europe where he receives a mysterious order reading 'B - Obey No. 17'". "The Flying Beetle" is striving to combat the planes of the Red Revolution, organized by a Russian, drunk with egotism and conceit", the book "relates many adventures and how at last the menace of war against the civilized work is dispelled".