1898 - 1866

Writing as: George E. Rochester

According to The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction: "UK author, mostly of fiction for boys under his own and several other names, including John Beresford, Frank Chaltam, Barton Furse, Jeffrey Gaunt, Eric Roche and Hamilton Smith; much of this output did not reach book form, including his first known sf tale, "The Black Vulture" (28 April-23 June 1934 Scoops), about a Mad Scientist plotting to rule the world. The Despot of the World (1936) tells a similar tale. Several 1930s tales with evocative titles – like The Skywayman: Breathless Story of Aerial Adventure (22 March-7 June 1932 Chums as "Captain Robin Hood, Skywayman"; 1933; vt Captain Robin Hood, Skywayman 1935), which features a mysterious Island, or Brood of the Vulture (1936), which does not – come close to sf, but typically restrict themselves to adventures in aeroplanes, often featuring air pirates. In The Haunted Man (23 January-3 April 1937 Detective Weekly; 1951) as by Jeffrey Gaunt, a mild-mannered clerk is surgically transformed into a powerful figure of evil. Of more direct sf interest is The Sea Spider: A Story of Piracy and Peril (9 February-4 May 1935 Magnet; 1936 chap), which features an armoured amphibious tank in the shape of a giant spider which ambulates on jointed metal legs.

Rochester was extremely popular in the 1930s; his later career was inconspicuous and he fell silent after about 1954."

Series Books
The Flying Beetle The Flying Beetle (1926)
  The Funk (ss) (1926)
  The Scarlet Squadron (1927)
  Vultures Of Desolate Island (1928)
  The Despot Of The World (1929)
  The Return Of The Flying Beetle (1934)
  The Trail Of Death (1936)
  The Dawn Patrol (ss) (1936)
  The Understudy (ss) (1936)
  Zeppelins Westwards (ss) (1936)
  The Death Cloud (ss) (1936)
  A Naval Occasion (ss) (1936)
  A Busman's Holiday (ss) (1936)
  The Trail Of Death (ss) (1936)
  The Last Round (ss) (1936)
  Phantom Wings (1947)
Grey Shadow Grey Shadow On The Run! (ss) (1932)
  The Master Spy! (ss) (1932)
  Wings Of The Night (ss) (1932)
  The Bust Of Putz! (ss) (1932)
  Capture Of Grey Shadow! (ss) (1932)
  The Way Of A Spy (ss) (1932)
  Barbed Wire (ss) (1932)
  Grey Shadow's Raid (ss) (1932)
  Grey Shadow's Joke (ss) (1932)
  Grey Shadow (ss) (1932)
  The Lathe Hand (ss) (1932)
  Grey Shadow's Trap! (ss) (1934)
  The Grey Shadow (1934)
  Peter's Peril! (ss) (1934)
  Peter The Wolf! (ss) (1934)
  The Secret Of The Wireless Spy! (ss) (1934)
  The Master Spy (1935)
  The Green Rocket! (ss) (1935)
  Grey Shadow And The Red Flag! (ss) (1935)
  Grey Shadow's Partner (1937)
  Spies Of The Western Front (1939)
  Stories Of A Secret Agent - #1 (ss) (1940)
  Stories Of A Secret Agent - #3 (ss) (1940)
  Stories Of A Secret Agent - #4 (ss) (1940)
  Stories Of A Secret Agent - #5 (ss) (1940)
  Stories Of A Secret Agent - #6 (ss) (1940)
  Stories Of A Secret Agent - #7 (ss) (1940)
  Stories Of A Secret Agent - #8 (ss) (1940)
  Stories Of A Secret Agent - #2 (ss) (1941)