Dick Barton Special Agent Annual

Dick Barton Special Agent Annual

Written by Unknown

When the television show came on in 1979, an annual was produced to accompany the show, filled with articles and adventures to appeal to both the young audience and the not so young. It was published by Brown Watson. It contained:
Comic stories:
- An Explosive Situaion
- Murder Mansion
Text adventures:
- Danger From The Depths
- Pictures of Peril
- Dick Barton - Genesis of a Hero
- Meet TV's Dick Barton: Tony Vogel
- Who Is Dick Barton?
- Quick Jock ... Snowy (Barton's mates)
- Anthony Heaton - alias Snowy White
- James Cosmo - alias Jock Anderson
- The First Dick Barton - alias Noel Johnson
A game:
- Help Dick Barton Find the Time Bomb (maze puzzle)
- Rules of Conduct (how to write for Barton)