The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Annual 1970

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Annual 1970

Written by Unknown

Published by World Distributors. A collection of 9 short stories and 2 reprinted comic stories from Gold Key, 8 features, and 2 games, as follows. The Short Stories are; 1.{!nv_5896|The Bad Joke Affair!} 2.{!nv_5899|The Big Bang in a Bottle Affair!} 3.{!nv_5900|The Clock Face Affair!} 4.{!nv_5901|The "Who Flies Where For What" Affair!} 5.{!nv_5902|The Operation Waverly Affair!} 6.{!nv_5903|The Amusement Pier Affair!} 7.{!nv_5904|The Cut and Run Affair!} 8.{!nv_5905|The Sand Storm for Illya ... Nap Hand for Napoleon Affair!} 9.{!nv_5906|The Highway to the Sun Affair!} The Gold Key Comic Story Reprints are; 1. {!cb_69|The Animal Agent Affair!} (Gold Key #15) 2. {!cb_69|The Set-Up Sultan Affair!} (Gold Key #15) - A Jet Dream adventure. The Features are: 1. Spy Catcher 2. A City on Springs 3. Policeman All! 4. Did You Know? 5. Strange Rendezvous 6. They Got Away! 7. Odd Facts 8. Mission Accomplished The Games are: 1. Situations Vacant - Intelligence Agent (James Bond Related Quiz) 2. The Selecta Affair (Boardgame)