Swastika Scourge

Swastika Scourge

Written by Donald E. Keyhoe

Published in Flying Aces, October 1940. Reprinted in the collection The Complete Adventures of Eric Trent, Vol. 1.
"Eric Trent vs. a grim Nazi Threat."
"'Just a couple of steaks at the Stranger's Club' - that's all swashbuckling Eric Trent and sad-faced Mortimer Crabb were seeking in Colon. But Fate had planned a bigger bite for the intrepid Yank skymen - one peppered profusely with Nazi nuggets of hate. For as they hurtled that Fokker T-4 through the dusk-shrouded Canal-Zone skies, a grim German juggernaut blasted hell-bent from the clouds. And the Fifth Column plotter flying that ship was - a trusted Government employee!"

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