Writing as: Donald E. Keyhoe


Series Books
Richard Knight Vultures of Lost Valley (ss) (1936)
  Hell Flies High (ss) (1937)
  Death Flies the Equator (ss) (1937)
  Falcons from Nowhere (ss) (1937)
  Masks Over Madrid (ss) (1937)
  Wings of the Emerald (ss) (1937)
  Hell Over China (ss) (1937)
  Riddle Over Rio (ss) (1938)
  Sky-Fire Scourge (ss) (1938)
  Hell's Hangar (ss) (1938)
  Hell Hammers Harbin (ss) (1938)
  Aces of Death (ss) (1938)
  Vultures of Silence (ss) (1938)
  Wings of the Black Eagle (ss) (1939)
  Falcons of the Flame (ss) (1939)
  Fighters That Time Forgot (ss) (1939)
  When the Devil Zooms (ss) (1939)
  Masquerade Mission (ss) (1939)
  Trip-Six Trap (ss) (1939)
  Guns Over Gatun (ss) (1939)
  Falcons of the Four (ss) (1939)
  Death Flies the Maginot Line (ss) (1940)
  The Golden Strafe (ss) (1940)
  Ark Royal Riddle (ss) (1940)
  This Squadron Is Doomed! (ss) (1940)
  Fifth Column Cockpits (ss) (1940)
  Death Flies South (ss) (1940)
  Claws of the Corsair (ss) (1940)
  Bombs Over the Bahamas (ss) (1941)
  7 Seconds to Doom (ss) (1941)
  Raider Wings in the Pacific (ss) (1941)
  Flight of the Dead (ss) (1942)
  Murder Plays a Dual Role (ss) (1942)
  Wrath of the Reapers (ss) (1942)
Eric Trent Secret Flight Sixteen (ss) (1940)
  Death Flies Blind (ss) (1940)
  Junkers Juggernaut (ss) (1940)
  Swastika Scourge (ss) (1940)
  The Ace from Hell (ss) (1940)
  Television Tracers (ss) (1941)
  Squadron of the Dead (ss) (1941)
  Lure of the Liberators (ss) (1941)
  Death Dives the Douglas (ss) (1941)
  Ryan Retribution (ss) (1941)
  Death Flies Blind (ss) (1942)
  Death Flies the Beam (ss) (1942)
  On Haunted Wings (ss) (1942)
  The Complete Adventures of Eric Trent, Vol. 1 (2017)
  The Complete Adventures of Eric Trent, Vol. 2 (2017)