Tour of Duty Afghanistan

Tour of Duty Afghanistan

Written by J. T. Skye

A prequel to the full-length adventures.
Lieutenant Morgan Fox was just another UH 60 Black Hawk helicopter pilot based out of Bagram Airbase. Until he was shot down.
The only way back into the air was to help search for a missing helicopter, past due.
Another 'Hawk pilot was missing along with a black operations team. Time was critical. Every day the team was gone meant their chance of survival would drop dramatically. Forced into a search grid he didn't think was correct, he worked with Captain Tony Fisher to find a way to also look in another target area.
Using his uncanny intuition and 6th sense, he worked out the possible flight path of the missing helicopter. Trying to find that missing helicopter was just the start of his problems when a rogue Major threatened to send him home in a box."

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