The German Coastal Defense Headquarters Situation

The German Coastal Defense Headquarters Situation

Written by Unknown

First appearing in The Rover #1839, Sep. 24, 1960. Reprinted in The Victor #256, Jan. 15, 1966.
In 1944, the fact that the Allies were going to land 'any day now' was common knowledge; where, of course, was a closely guarded secret. One of the many things London was concerned about was a German general named von Keppel who had his headquarters in the Pas de Calais. The orders were to eliminate Keppel and destroy any anti-invasion plans he may have come up with. To do this, it was decided that a large amount of nitroglycerin would need to be secreted into the HQ and then exploded. It would be Ben Bloggs' job to find a way in.

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