Slaves of the Scorpion

Slaves of the Scorpion

Written by G. T. Fleming-Roberts

Published in the 06/1937 issue of Secret Agent X.
"Weird symbol of ruthless greed and savage murder, that crimson talisman of the Scorpion flared its scarlet hue from skyscraper pinnacles. For the dreaded Scorpion had finally struck, seizing full power of the metropolis. And Agent “X”, greatest impersonator of the century, knew that he had met his match in a devil who could change his identity with the speed of light. The Scorpion, criminal master-mind is trying to gain control of all the mobs in the city for one hellacious night of looting. Not only must The Agent uncover the masquerade covering the Scorpion’s operations, he must clear Betty Dale of the crime—of helping Secret Agent “X”!"