1910 - 1968

Writing as: G. T. Fleming-Roberts

According to "George Thomas Roberts, better known as G. T. Fleming-Roberts, was born on April 17, 1910 in Lafayette, Indiana. Starting out as a veterinary surgeon following in his father’s footsteps, a sideline as a pulp writer quickly took over.

Best known as the creator of The Green Ghost, the highly prolific pulp writer was also a regular scribe for Secret Agent X, Dan Fowler, and Captain Zero. Fleming-Roberts wrote literally hundreds of pulp stories from the early 1930s to the mid-1950s under a variety of house names with only his service during the Second World War to slow him down. His career peak in the 1940s saw two of his stories filmed by Hollywood with Warner Brothers releasing Find the Blackmailer in 1943 and PRC releasing Lady Chaser in 1946.

While The Green Ghost remains his best known creation, Fleming-Roberts also wrote popular pulp series about two other magician detectives, Diamondstone for POPULAR DETECTIVE and Jeffrey Wren for DIME DETECTIVE. Once the pulp era came to an end, Fleming-Roberts turned to the lecture circuit to share his experiences with other aspiring writers and fans alike. Late in life, George “Tommy” Roberts was active in Indiana politics. He died in 1968 and was survived by his wife of nearly 30 years, Agatha Halcyon Amell."

Series Books
Secret Agent X The Corpse Cavalcade (1935)
  The Golden Ghoul (1935)
  Ringmaster of Doom (1935)
  Brand of the Metal Maiden (1936)
  Dividends of Doom (1936)
  Faceless Fury (1936)
  Subterranean Scourge (1936)
  The Doom Director (1936)
  Horror's Handclasp (1936)
  City of Madness (1936)
  Plague of the Golden Death (1937)
  The Assassin's League (1937)
  Satan's Syndicate (1937)
  Death's Frozen Formula (1937)
  The Murder Brain (1937)
  Slaves of the Scorpion (1937)
  Corpse Contraband (1938)
  Curse of the Mandarin's Fan (1938)
  Claws of the Corpse Cult (1938)
  The Corpse that Murdered (1938)
  Yoke of the Crimson Coterie (1939)