Wings of the Doomed

Wings of the Doomed

Written by Robert J. Hogan

Published in G-8 #91, 04/01/1941
[Introducing an all-new villain for G-8 and his Battle Aces to take on. That villain – Baron Von Tollheit. Ask not for whom Von Tollheit tolls, he tolls for THEE, dude. The Baron has invented a device which generates waves that at first painfully induce deafness and, as the victim continues to be saturated in exposure to them, cause total madness. Baron Von Tollheit has designed these devices so they can be fitted to aircraft and he sends them into the skies to drive all Allied planes from the air. Total air supremacy for the Central Powers will be just the start, however, as Von Tollheit's invention will next be used to reduce all Allied ground troops to drooling idiots with mush for brains. ]