Hordes of the Wingless Death

Hordes of the Wingless Death

Written by Robert J. Hogan

Published in G-8 #89, 02/01/1941
[Herr Teufel returns immediately for a rematch with our heroes in this story. Following the skull damage Teufel suffered in his hand-to-hand battle with G-8 in the climax of their previous encounter the Kaiser's scientists (Including Doktor Krueger one wonders?) outfitted him with a metal hood to keep his brain and his skull fragments together in an elongated cranium like the ones on the aliens in the old movie This Island Earth. An odd side-effect of this brain injury was that Herr Teufel's skin has all turned blue in color, furnishing him with his new moniker the Blue Devil (insert your own joke about Duke University's sports teams here). This new and improved (or "blue and improved") menace has already designed a deadly new airborne threat to use against the Allied Powers. That new threat: propellor-driven and steel-coated Zepellins that are part conventional aircraft and part smart missile. ]