Death To the Hawks of War

Death To the Hawks of War

Written by Robert J. Hogan

Published in G-8 #88, 01/01/1941
[Herr Teufel ("Mr Devil"), the latest member of G-8's Rogue's Gallery of foes. Herr Teufel is tall, thin, pale and boney-faced. Like so many of our hero's adversaries he's a mad scientist and in his particular case his headquarters is a hidden lair in the Bavarian Alps. Herr Teufel's plan to help the Central Powers win the war involves his latest invention – a drug that, when injected in German pilots, transforms them into maniacal, blood-thirsty sky warriors. These "Hawks of War" have supernatually-fast reflexes, enhanced vision, unerring aim, machine-like stamina and lack any need for sleep.]