Squadron of the Damned

Squadron of the Damned

Written by Robert J. Hogan

Published in G-8 #87, 12/01/1940
[Introducing a brand-new foe for G-8 and the Battle Aces – Dr Todini! in exchange for 100 million German marks Dr Todini is outfitting the Central Powers with specialized troops. Those troops are employing the not-so- good doctor's wireless madness ray via specially-equipped tanks or via high-tech red-helmeted paratroopers who carry portable versions of the ray in metal backpacks. The backpacks have a wire connecting them to souped-up hand-guns that fire the wireless "T-Rays". Those rays render the victims unable to control their bodies, leaving them a mob of spasmodic, twitching husks and therefore easy pickings for the advancing Central Powers.]