The Black Wings of the Raven

The Black Wings of the Raven

Written by Robert J. Hogan

Published in G-8 #66, 03/01/1939
[Originally Baron Kurt von Ravenfeld was just another deadly ace for the Germans. When G-8 happened to shoot down and kill Kurt's younger brother and fellow pilot his life changed forever. Von Ravenfeld challenged G-8 to an aerial duel and was shot down by the American ace. He survived his crash-landing but his skin had forever been burned a black color like the wings of a raven. (I guess his already convenient last name wasn't enough to inspire him to use the nom de guerre "The Raven", he needed Cajun blackened skin, too.) At any rate, now calling himself the Raven our villain established a laboratory and torture chamber in an abandoned mine underneath his ancestral castle. For this introductory tale the Raven designed special gas-bombs with raven wings that could be remotely controlled by him to fly with deadly precision at their targets.]