Pale Moon Phantom

Pale Moon Phantom

Written by R. T. Green

"‘Phantom’ tells the emotional and terrifying story of our pursuit of the evil Tiri. On our journey we run headlong into an enemy neither of us is prepared for. An enemy with a weapon so potent, its force is impossible to resist. All alone, we realize our love is the only shield we possess. But when the power of that love is stripped naked and given nowhere to run, will it prove to be enough?

Back in London, things are no better for Coop and his team. A new, even more insidious terror is about to be unleashed, and he’s missing his two favourite agents. Then it’s made all the worse as new recruits are added to the team. To his dismay it seems they are Gerard and Zana’s replacements… they’re both women, and both with very different characters. But one of them is hiding a huge secret…"