Pale Moon Phoenix

Pale Moon Phoenix

Written by R. T. Green

"I killed a fellow MI6 agent. I didn’t mean to, a fit of emotional overload took over my actions. Now because of that, I’m on the run. Heartbroken and alone, I make it to my father’s home in the Caribbean, unaware I am being pursued by both friends and enemies. There is a shocking development back in London, but off the grid and out of contact, no one is able to give me the life-changing news.

Until it’s too late.

On an unrelenting road to self-destruction, I meet a local girl who throws me a lifeline. Grasping it desperately with both hands, I begin to rediscover my spirit.

But nothing is what it seems, and I find myself plunged into an intricate game of emotional chess, the queen’s pawn in what becomes a nightmare far worse than the one I left behind."