The Better Spy

The Better Spy

Written by P. A. Duncan

This is 'a novel in stories' recounting the 'defining mission' of Mai Fisher's career. The assignment was to go undercover in the IRA which would go awry, nearly killing her and taking the lives of nearly a dozen people including a man she had grown to love. It would haunt her for 30 years until a dying man reveals a secret which would "change everything".
The stories and their time frames are:
Part One - 2013
Sin Eater
Part Two - 1989-1991
Anything for the Cause
An Unnatural Order of Things
Butterfly in a Net
Discreet Inquiries
Resulting Complications
Thinking Alike
The Serendipity of a Car Accident
No More Confessions
Damaged Goods
Necessary Sacrifices
Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship
Part Three - 1987-1989
Hero Worship
The Better Spy
Delicate Sensibilities
False Courage
For Valour
Artificially Induced
No Secrets
Lady of the Flies
Part Four - 1986