Callan Uncovered 2

Callan Uncovered 2

Written by James Mitchell, Mike Ripley

Edited by Mike Ripley. Collection of many more Callan short stories written over the years, including the first ones published:
File on the Happy Hippy
File on a Faithful Husband
File on a Loving Sister
File on a Painless Dentist
File on a Fancy Lawyer
File on a Chinese Hostess
File on a Willing Victim
File on a Kindly Colonel
File on a Chelsea Swinger
File on a Missing Poet
File on a Friendly Lady
File on a Jolly Miller
File on a Deadly Doctor
File on a Man Called Callan
File on a Gallic Charmer
Also included are scripts from two early episodes of the television show for which no recordings are available:
Goodness Burns Too Bright
Blackmailers Should Be Discouraged
And a "secret" file for the TV Times giving fascinating data on Callan.