The Old Spies Club

The Old Spies Club

Written by Edward Hoch

Contains 15 stories about Rand and his wife, - Leila Gaad, most taking place after his retirement from the Service though still involved in intrigue. The stories are:
- The Spy And The Nile Mermaid
- The Spy In The Pyramid
- The Spy At The End Of The Rainbow
- The Spy Who Took A Vacation
- The Spy And The Cats Of Rome
- The Spy In The Labyrinth
- The Spy Who Was Alone
- The Spy Who Wasn’t Needed
- The Spy And The Healing Waters
- Egyptian Days
- Waiting For Mrs. Ryder
- The Old Spies Club
- One Bag Of Coconuts
- The Man From Nile K
- The War That Never Was