Written by J. C. Ryan

"A secret hidden from Rex for over sixteen years. When Rex’s college sweetheart reaches out to him after years of no contact, Rex has no idea that the trajectory of his life is about to change forever.
Not only is she dying of cancer, she also has twins. Rex’s twins. One of the kids, his daughter Courtney, has been abducted by a child sex ring, and the police are making no headway in locating her. Though rattled by these revelations, Rex vows to find Courtney and bring her back to her mother before the cancer kills her.
Rex, Digger, and their usual team set out to hunt down the trafficking ring and take Courtney home, but what they find in the process is an even uglier mess than they could have imagined, infecting all of America. What’s more, other world powers might be in on it, too."