Writing as: J. C. Ryan

According to the bio on Amazon: "JC Ryan holds a military degree and served as an officer in the military for seven years before a crippling back injury forced him to change careers. He returned to university studied law and became a lawyer, running his own private practice for more than fifteen years before he moved overseas, became an IT project manager and finally got the opportunity to pursue his lifelong dream of being a writer.

With the knowledge and experience gained by living and working on three continents and as many careers, Ryan amassed a wealth of knowledge and material which equipped him to take up fiction writing.

Ryan has been married to his college sweetheart since 1978, and have two daughters and two dogs and make their home on the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia."

Series Books
Rex Dalton The Fulcrum (2018)
  The Power Of Three (2018)
  Unchained (2018)
  Sideswiped (2018)
  The Inca Coin (2018)
  The French Girl (2019)
  Duty Of Care (2019)
  Donna Teresa (2019)
  Under The Pope's Windows (2019)
  No Doubt (ss) (2019)
  The Shanghai Strain (2020)
  The Delphi Technique (2020)
  Holes in the Wall (2021)
  The Abyss (2021)
  Unearthed (2021)
  Remorseless (2023)
Other The Tenth Cycle [Rossler Foundation] (2014)
  Ninth Cycle Antarctica [Rossler Foundation] (2014)
  Genetic Bullets [Rossler Foundation] (2014)
  The Sword of Cyrus [Rossler Foundation] (2014)
  The Skywalkers [Rossler Foundation] (2015)
  The Phoenix Agenda [Rossler Foundation] (2015)
  Nothing New Under The Sun [Carter Devereux] (2016)
  The Wolves Of Freydis [Carter Devereux] (2016)
  The Alboran Codex [Carter Devereux] (2016)
  Judgment Call [Exonerated] (2016)
  The Rowen [Rossler Foundation] (2017)
  The Nabatean Secret [Carter Devereux] (2017)
  The Labyrinth of Minos [Carter Devereux] (2018)
  Termination [Rossler Foundation] (2019)