A Future Spy

A Future Spy

Written by Andrew Watts

"Genius tech CEO Jeff Kim has just discovered that the ultrawealthy Hawkinson family stole his advanced AI prediction technology. This technology was his secret possession. A cornerstone in which he would rebuild his life’s work. But now he has serious competition. To solve his problem, Kim decides to reach out to a man he never thought he would speak to again. A Chinese intelligence officer named Liu.
When Liu investigates the Hawkinson’s operation, he discovers some shocking revelations. The Americans have placed a spy in the Hawkinson’s inner circle. As a series of seemingly unrelated incidents come together in Liu’s mind, he develops one of the most ambitious espionage operations the MSS has ever undertaken.
For it to work, he will have to activate China’s own mole. The crown jewel of Chinese intelligence. A sleeper-agent placed so high up in the US government, they will have access to all of America’s most classified information.
But CIA officers Colt McShane and Fred Ford have caught wind of China’s plan. And now they must find the sleeper agent before their own is identified and killed."