White Heat

White Heat

Written by Matthew Hattersley

This "is the first book in the new Annihilation Pest Control series – a prequel series in the hugely popular Acid Vanilla universe".

He's an elite killer who prides himself on being cold, calm and calculating. If he’s to survive the week he’d better stay that way…
Spitfire Creosote is being sent to New York to take out a defecting Russian gangster. It’s a standard job and he’s glad of the work. Even when he’s told his organization’s new recruit, Acid Vanilla is to accompany him on the job he doesn’t worry. She’s strong-willed and a loose cannon. But she’s been well-trained.
It’s not until the boss explains what else he wants Spitfire to do that the mission becomes more complicated than he’d ever imagined. With his volatile new colleague in tow, a shadowy figure blocking his every move and the mark growing more elusive by the hour he realizes it’s also more deadly."