Imposter In Chief

Imposter In Chief

Written by Freddie P. Peters

"The most powerful office in the world.
The most inescapable Russian cyber plot.
The most daring British-American covert operation.
Henry Crowne, former rebel financier, now British Intelligence agent, is sent on a covert mission to infiltrate a network of ruthless international oligarchs seeking to control the White House. Their plan? To run a systematic manipulation campaign on social media and blackmail high-profile political figures.
The British-American intelligence operation to defeat them takes Henry from Washington to Moscow. There, he navigates the corridors of power, but is unaware he’s being watched by the beautiful, yet dangerous, Tatiana.
But when Tatiana chooses to defect to the West to save her young brother Anatolie, Henry faces an impossible choice. Can he get Tatiana and Anatolie to safety, as well as eliminate the brains behind this Russian cyber conspiracy?"