Full Name: Ellie O'Conner
Codename: Pascal
Nationality: American
Organization: Homeland Security
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jack Hardin
Time Span: 2018 - 2020


       Ellie O'Conner is an agent with Homeland Security.
       For this remarkable woman, finding a landing spot for her employment is a bit of a challenge. To quote a coworker in one of the later recorded adventures, "after her twelve years with the CIA, a short stint with the DEA, and now with her new role at Homeland, Ellie made up a bowl of alphabet soup all on her own".
       "At twenty-two, two months before she had graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in linguistics, she'd been approached by the CIA to come work for them. Three months and four rounds of interviews later, she had accepted an offer to work at headquarters in Virginia as a wire analyst. In that role she reviewed recordings from the field, detecting hidden meanings in foreign voice inflection before filing them away or sending her notes back to those who needed them in the field. It was mundane and uneventful, but she understood the game. Stay true to what's in front of you, and new opportunities will open up. It's what her father had always taught her. And open up they did. Her second year in, she had been tapped to enter a new program, one that would take her onto the international stage and slip her into the darkest shadows of geopolitical conflict."
       Thus started her real first career. "She'd entered a vigorous training program that lasted eighteen months and brought her into the extreme heats of Dead Valley, the bitter colds of North Dakota, the frigid waters of Alaska, and the Daintree Forests of Australia. When it was complete, she and the six others that made up TEAM 99 - a total of five men, two women - were considered among the seven deadliest assassins the Agency had produced on this side of the Cold War."
       Team 99 would be her home for the next six years. "No one outside of their immediate management knew of the team's existence. Even their trainers, while given precise instructions for the team's maturation, were not privy to the team's purpose or mission. They were black-ops and belonged to the darkest corner of the CIA's Special Operations Group." Their missions were to carry out hits on the most sensitive of targets and she was very, very good at it.
       It was as if during her earlier years at home she had been planning for the future. She had learned to speak French, Portuguese, and Russian fluently. She took to Brazilian jiu jitsu as if born to it and earned her black belt in it. She had also "consistently ranked on top in national youth tournaments for sharp shooting. By the time she was fifteen, she could regularly hit a matchstick at a hundred yards with a .22 rifle".
       All things come to an end and Team 99 did as well. Budget cuts, so the official story went but there was more to it that O'Conner chose to not dwell on.
       Needing something new to focus her energies on, she would gravitate to the DEA for a time and then to Homeland Security where we watch her spend most of her time recently.
       Whatever she is doing or whoever she is working for, O'Conner gives it her all and people who make the mistake of underestimating her often do not get a second chance.


Number of Books:7
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2020

       According to the author, the first four books in the series make up a story arc. While each book is its own adventure, they are best read in order.



Number of Stories:3
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2019




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