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Full Name: Ryan Savage
Nationality: American
Organization: FID
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jack Hardin , Jason Briggs
Time Span: 2019 - 2020


       Ryan Savage is an agent with the FID.
       That acronym stands for the Federal Intelligence Directorate. As Savage explains early on, it is "Homeland Security's latest addition to their list of more than twenty-five component agencies. The FID was primarily tasked with a supportive role that brought us into close proximity with the Coast Guard, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and the FBI, as we assisted them in high-priority investigations. Most of my work kept me in the general region of South Florida, the Bahamas, and the Caribbean. But sometimes - mostly when I got farmed out to alphabet agencies - I'd end up in places like Guatemala, Panama, or even Colombia. The FID maintained trans-border jurisdiction and, since its inception more than three years ago, had made tremendous strides in keeping Americans safe and the bad guys disoriented."
       He goes on to add that his part of many missions is because the FID "had far less oversight than the Secret Service or even the CIA" which is a polite way of saying that because less people were actually watching what he and his fellow agents did, he got away with a lot more than operatives from the other alphabets could. In other words, he "was the only one who could pull the trigger on an unarmed [target] and get away with it".
       When we first meet him, Savage is 35 years old. According to him, he stands 6'2" and is in pretty good shape, a requirement for the kinds of missions he constantly pulls. He has "a strong jawline and icy blue eyes" as well as "black wavy hair" which makes him quite attractive to the ladies although not-to-recent events in the romance department has resulted in largely a self-imposed exile in that regard.
       Savage had spent the first nearly dozen years of his adult life in the military as part of a specially trained member of the "Warrior Police", aka the Army Military Police Corps, "the branch of the Army responsible for handling investigations, detainee ops, law and order, and sometimes, intelligence operations." He would have gladly given another 12 years but when his grandmother, the woman who raised him, got ill, he left the service and took care of her for the next year until she passed.
       Then just into his 30's and needing a challenge, Savage was offered and gladly accepted a position with the FID. He has been there for the year.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2020

1 Savage Coast Savage Coast
Written by Jack Hardin, Jason Briggs
Copyright: 2019

Ryan Savage is barely off one long mission when he is put into another and that one is not working out well when a tragedy hits close to home and puts him into a dangerous downward spiral.
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2 Savage Justice Savage Justice
Written by Jack Hardin, Jason Briggs
Copyright: 2019

Ryan Savage woke up that morning to find that just outside his window there had been a tragic death. It seemed an accident but Savage, after years of fighting bad guys, is certain there is more to it and that search will unveil a secret war against government men like him.
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3 Savage Storm Savage Storm
Written by Jack Hardin, Jason Briggs
Copyright: 2020

Even as Ryan Savage was deeply involved in tracking down a criminal, he is surprised to be pulled off to go on another hunt. This time it is to locate a rogue agent but what he had been told about the case and what he learns himself are quite a bit different.
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4 Savage Lie Savage Lie
Written by Jack Hardin, Jason Briggs
Copyright: 2020

Off the coast of Islamorada, a retired ICE agent is murdered. Ryan Savage is sent to find out who and why and that investigation will take him to Central America and a whole lot of trouble.
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5 Savage Truth Savage Truth
Written by Jack Hardin, Jason Briggs
Copyright: 2020

After a quiet day on the water, Ryan Savage was expecting a quiet evening at home - not the bullets flying around him that he got. Who wants his dead is the question he is now determined to learn and his investigation will find him teamed up with Homeland Security's key agent, Ellie O'Conner.
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6 Savage Hunt Savage Hunt
Written by Jack Hardin
Copyright: 2020

One does not expect to hear from old enemies. Ryan Savage is surprised to not only hear from one but also be asked for help. That help was to protect a person and when Savage goes to the Louisiana town of Dellenoux to investigate, he is met with less than friendliness.
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