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  • 10/26/2020 - Today I add a two-book series about a man whose vocation is not being an agent but being a diving expert. I love this kind of adventure and can almost pretend I understand some of what the man goes through, having gotten scuba certified myself, doncha know. Of course I did it only a couple of times before moving away from the ocean and never, ever very deep. And that was 40+ years ago. John McCready does it almost every day and goes deep enough to take him a very long time to be able to come back up. Totally different experiences but still I kinda pretend. Check out these adventures. They are fun.

  • 10/26/2020 - An FBI agent (well, she didn't start out to be one but ...) joins the compendium as Jana Baker is pulled into the cloak and dagger world first by the Bureau and later by the CIA.

  • 10/25/2020 - As regular visitors here know, I have been 'off-the-air' for a couple of days. My database got royally messed up. I thought it was something I did wrong but my hosting provider, GoDaddy, thinks it was something of a Denial-of-Service attack.
    Of course, if it were the latter, being a spy fiction site, I have to wonder about Russians, or Chinese, or Iranians, or domestic terrorists, or .... oh my! the list is so long, ending with 'or aliens'.
    Anyways, since I religiously keep back-ups, restoring things was not the problem as much as finding ways to halt the DOS, if in fact that was the culprit.
    The site is back. For now.

  • 10/22/2020 - First Look: A British government assassin who had the audacity of deciding he would not eliminate the latest target, a woman MP, joins the compendium today. I am intrigued so far with Michael North and hope to finish the first of two books tonight.

  • 10/21/2020 - I introduce a series today that takes us back in time in two ways, really. First, it was started back in 1975 so that is 45 years back. Second, it takes place back in and around 1855 so that is another 120 years back. John Pendragon is a survivor of the Charge of the Light Brigade who is given a chance to continue to serve the Crown by working as an operative for what was a precursor to British Intelligence. This is a terrifically written series that I enjoyed a bunch.

  • 10/20/2020 - I love coming across a series I have never heard about before. It does not happen that often anymore but on occasion .... That is the case with this series of short stories found in the pages of British magazine Lion. In 1962-63, each week that publication came out with numerous recurring stories, some text and some graphic. Tuff Dawson was in text format and there are nearly a full year's worth - 46 - of adventures altogether.

  • 10/19/2020 - Today's entry is a bit different and I like that. The agent is question is Zoya Khalatnikova who will eventually work for/with the CIA and not too happily at times. What makes it different is that in the beginning, before she 'joins' the Agency, she is the very wealthy daughter of a Russian gangster-turned-oligarch who has a lot of grudges to settle in the Motherland.

  • 10/18/2020 - The two gentlemen who comprise the 'team' of Pinder & Turner come from totally different directions to become friends and co-workers in a couple of interesting adventures. Steven Pinder stars in the first book in a trilogy, Ian Turner stars in the second, and they meet and start working together in the third. Some time later they are re-united for another adventure and I hope they find a reason to do it again.

  • 10/17/2020 - First Look: A British Secret Service agent active during WWII comes to us today via a 1940-1941 Canadian comic book called Three Aces Comics. I have not gotten my hands on any of the 9 (that I know of) issues that show Michael Lee adventures but he existed and I thought since I recently learned of him, I would add him in the hopes someone who knows more than I will educate me.

  • 10/16/2020 - First Look: We are heading back in time to the Napoleonic Wars and the seconding of a British naval officer, Captain Justice to work for a mysterious organization with a very unusual name, all in defense of the Crown as the newly self-crowned Emperor looks to increase his domain.

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Say the word SPY to most people and they will respond with James Bond, with good reason as he is the best known of all fictional spies. With 20+ blockbuster movies over the last 40+ years, along with the standard movie hype, virtually the entire world knows about 007 and his License To Kill.

Of course, James Bond is by no means the only spy in the world of fiction, just the best known. Who are the rest? Who has his or her own license to kill, thrill, or chill. How do these agents stack up against each other? Who would you want beside you in a car chase, in a knife fight, in a dark alley, or beneath the covers?

This site is dedicated to the many, many men and women who, at least in fiction, have defended our freedoms against all forms of enemies, foreign and domestic. Well, granted a few of them were just in it for the money and many were only after the excitement, and sex played a huge role in the motivation of more than a few. But still, their actions helped not only preserve our way of life (on paper) but also brought us, the readers, many hours of escapism and vicarious pleasure.

So, who are these people that I have slaved so diligently to present to you? They are the men and women of spy-fi about whom there is a series. Single-book characters need not apply. There has to be at least two books. Two's the minimum but the more the merrier.

Moreover, I have confined membership to the English language. If it wasn't put into English so I can read it, I haven't worried about it.

Each spy has his or her own page. Click on the "Characters" button to go to a listing page. Click on the letter the character's last name starts with (or a more common moniker like "Death Merchant" if appropriate). That will take one step further into the labrynth. Finally, select the character's name from the list and, voila!

Have fun!!