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The last ten major changes to the site.

  • 12/06/2016 - My friend, E. Baron, a very frequent contributor of loads of cool info on the spy series herein, has pointed out I had not yet mentioned the new Odds&Ends section on some of the series, like James Bond. This is meant to hold interesting items that do not fit the other categories. If you know of such things about any of the series, please let me know so they can be added.

  • 12/05/2016 - We head back in time with this latest entry into the compendium. Sydney Horler was a dynamo with it came to writing thrillers in the 30s and 40s and he would give us several spy series to consume (I am still consuming some of them) but none lasted as long as Tiger Standish. Please welcome this renowned soccer player and part-time operative.

  • 12/02/2016 - With some amusement and not a little bit of embarrassment, I present a new member to the compendium. Boomerang is the name this costumed Intelligence agent from 1944 assumes. Why is never explained.

  • 11/25/2016 - Recovering from some incredible cooking by my wife and our two grown daughters, I bring to you an unlikely but still fun series about an agent who can kick the stuffing (notice the segue) out of anything. Please welcome to this compendium the six-book series about Sarah Hill, aka Agent Hill.

  • 11/19/2016 - From very old to quite new, although the character in question has been around a very long time. Dick Grayson, aka Robin, aka Nightwing, spent a couple of years recently as a secret agent for the intelligence organization known as Spyral. As a result, he earned membership into the compendium.

  • 11/18/2016 - My goodness! Have we gone back in time for this next inductee into the compendium. In fact, it is the earliest series I have yet found having been started in 1905. That is 111 years ago. Please welcome 'diplomatic agent' Yorke Norroy (no, that is no typo).

  • 11/13/2016 - Have I got a series for you!!! Now, this one is just barely a series right now (one book and one short story) but another book is on the way early next year. And the one book we have is so darn good, I can hardly contain my enthusiasm. Please welcome Orphan X, akd Evan Smoak, aka the Nowhere Man. He is good enough to deserve three monikers.

  • 11/11/2016 - Greetings to you on this Veteran's Day. A huge thanks to those men and women who served and to those serving today. I had fun reconnecting with a few old Navy buddies. My Lord, have we not aged? How the heck did that happen? But also a solemn and sincere thanks to those whose service took them from us. Their sacrifice is not forgotten.

  • 11/05/2016 - Trevor Scott, the author who gives us Jake Adams adventures, also gave us this three-book series about a gun designer who gets asked to help out and ends up in lots of danger. Please welcome Chad Hunter to the compendium.

  • 11/01/2016 - We reach into the past for this latest member of the compendium. 1939, to be exact. The adventures are brought to us by the gifted hands of prolific author John Creasey. The six-book series concerns Bruce Murdoch. Please say hello.

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Say the word SPY to most people and they will respond with James Bond, with good reason as he is the best known of all fictional spies. With 20+ blockbuster movies over the last 40+ years, along with the standard movie hype, virtually the entire world knows about 007 and his License To Kill.

Of course, James Bond is by no means the only spy in the world of fiction, just the best known. Who are the rest? Who has his or her own license to kill, thrill, or chill. How do these agents stack up against each other? Who would you want beside you in a car chase, in a knife fight, in a dark alley, or beneath the covers?

This site is dedicated to the many, many men and women who, at least in fiction, have defended our freedoms against all forms of enemies, foreign and domestic. Well, granted a few of them were just in it for the money and many were only after the excitement, and sex played a huge role in the motivation of more than a few. But still, their actions helped not only preserve our way of life (on paper) but also brought us, the readers, many hours of escapism and vicarious pleasure.

So, who are these people that I have slaved so diligently to present to you? They are the men and women of spy-fi about whom there is a series. Single-book characters need not apply. There has to be at least two books. Two's the minimum but the more the merrier.

Moreover, I have confined membership to the English language. If it wasn't put into English so I can read it, I haven't worried about it.

Each spy has his or her own page. Click on the "Characters" button to go to a listing page. Click on the letter the character's last name starts with (or a more common moniker like "Death Merchant" if appropriate). That will take one step further into the labrynth. Finally, select the character's name from the list and, voila!

Have fun!!