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What's New
The last ten major changes to the site.

  • 07/23/2016 - I have a very long list of series to be added, series I have collected but have not yet read so cannot speak about. To let people know of these series that are coming, I have created a "Coming" section.

  • 07/11/2016 - Incredibly talented author Charles Cumming has created a new agent well worth following. Three adventures exist so far. Please say hello to Thomas Kell of MI6, well, formerly and sometimes still.

  • 07/10/2016 - There is very little of this comicbook series to get a grip on but what there is about Madam Zero is now a part of the compendium. Please say hi.

  • 07/05/2016 - Having enjoyed a very nice 4th of July with family, I return to my hobby of finding spy series and I have found a winner. Actually, I found it a while back when it was recommended to me. I just now enter it. I am slow! Please welcome a very kick-butt operative named Alex Morgan to the compendium.

  • 07/01/2016 - Sitting near my desk for far too long is a television series that any spy fan should already know about, complete with a couple of books by a very accomplished author. Please welcome Homeland finally to the compendium.

  • 06/24/2016 - A former Army Ranger and experienced fighter turned college professor and activist joins the compendium with a two-book series. Please welcome Ethan Stone.

  • 06/08/2016 - Coming just a couple of days after I had the Black Widow join, I introduce for membership the second woman from Russia's training program to use that title. Yelena Belova is another reason to sit back and enjoy a truly fun set of kick-butt-ing.

  • 06/04/2016 - I was asked some time ago by two different people why, if I had Nick Fury in the compendium, did I not have the Black Widow. I answered that I planned to. Now I have. Please welcome a woman who, no matter what name or spelling she goes by, is one heckuva fun person to watch.

  • 05/30/2016 - A Good Memorial Day to you all. I hope you will join me in spending some time remembering and thanking those who gave their lives so we can live ours. Then perhaps you might enjoy checking out the latest addition to the compendium. This is Black X, an impressively long-running series about a very interesting secret agent before, during, and after WWII. Since it is in the Public Domain, you can read the adventures yourself on this site.

  • 05/28/2016 - A fun, entertaining two-book series from 2005-2007 comes into the group today. I enjoyed it and I think you will, too. Please welcome Dan Dailey to the compendium.

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Say the word SPY to most people and they will respond with James Bond, with good reason as he is the best known of all fictional spies. With 20+ blockbuster movies over the last 40+ years, along with the standard movie hype, virtually the entire world knows about 007 and his License To Kill.

Of course, James Bond is by no means the only spy in the world of fiction, just the best known. Who are the rest? Who has his or her own license to kill, thrill, or chill. How do these agents stack up against each other? Who would you want beside you in a car chase, in a knife fight, in a dark alley, or beneath the covers?

This site is dedicated to the many, many men and women who, at least in fiction, have defended our freedoms against all forms of enemies, foreign and domestic. Well, granted a few of them were just in it for the money and many were only after the excitement, and sex played a huge role in the motivation of more than a few. But still, their actions helped not only preserve our way of life (on paper) but also brought us, the readers, many hours of escapism and vicarious pleasure.

So, who are these people that I have slaved so diligently to present to you? They are the men and women of spy-fi about whom there is a series. Single-book characters need not apply. There has to be at least two books. Two's the minimum but the more the merrier.

Moreover, I have limited the collection to those series who have operated at least some since the end of the Second World War, known in my own head as the "Bond-period". I know there are many good series that went on before but so far I have only collected the post-WWII series. Also, I have kept the series confined to the English language. If it wasn't put into English so I can read it, I haven't worried about it.

Each spy has his or her own page. Click on the "Characters" button to go to a listing page. Click on the letter the character's last name starts with (or a more common moniker like "Death Merchant" if appropriate). That will take one step further into the labrynth. Finally, select the character's name from the list and, voila!

Have fun!!