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Full Name: Craig Stirling, Sharron Macready and Richard Barrett
Series Name: The Champions
Nationality: British
Organization: Nemesis
Occupation Agent

Creator: Dennis Spooner , Monty Berman
Time Span: 1968 - 1983


       Craig Stirling, Richard Barrett, and Sharron Macready are the Champions.
       I cannot say for certain, though I suspect not, that they ever used that title for themselves nor did anyone else. The term comes from the phrase about them that they were the "Champions of law, order and justice" so in the case of these three individuals, it is meant that they "fought for a cause", not that they came in first, although considering that they routinely won, it would not have been inaccurate.
       The three worked for Nemesis, a department inside the United Nations described both as an intelligence agency, and it certainly did its share of that all over the world, and as a law enforcement organization, which it also functioned as though exactly whose "laws" it enforced is arguable. It existed mainly to keep the peace and to save lives. It was run by an old hand at the spy business, W.L. Tremayne. While we do not learn a lot about this man in his 60s, it is obvious from his demeanor that he has been around for quite a while and seen just about everything. He can be irascible and demanding but he definitely cares about his people as much as he does the mission.
       As the the Champions - Stirling, an American, and Barrett, British, were agents with Nemesis for some time prior to their first recorded adventure. Both men were single and dedicated to their profession. Macready, also British, was a highly regarded scientist and doctor, recently widowed, who was asked to accompany the two men on that mission because of her vital knowledge in biological experimentation.
       That mission was to break into a highly secret Chinese research facility and get evidence of that communist country's work in the creation of a biological weapon. They were successful in getting it and getting the data and getting out again. Getting completely away, though, not so much. Rifle fire would severely damage their getaway plane and despite the piloting skills shown by Stirling, it came down in the rugged Himalayas. All three were badly hurt. And that is when they were changed.
       Their damaged bodies were found an ancient and hidden civilization in those remote mountains and they were healed with the advanced technology the people possessed. For reasons not quite explained, though, the three were also given enhanced abilities which they would be able to use repeatedly in their subsequent work for Nemesis.
       Telepathy, at least between the three, was a key gift and would allow them to communicate silently despite distances. Limited precognition was another ability that would let them get a glimpse of what was about to happen or what was currently happening elsewhere. Their mental and physical prowess were greatly advanced. And their five senses were highly strengthened.
       At the request of the leader of the civilization that gave them these abilities, they agree to keep their gifts secret. No one else would be told of their powers, not even their boss Tremayne. In the case of that man, though, he might not have been informed of them but after a very short while and some improbable successes, it was plain that he suspected something and was wise enough not to ask questions and to just reap the rewards.


Number of Books:1
First Appearance:1969
Last Appearance:1969

1 The Sixth Sense is Death The Sixth Sense is Death
Written by John Garforth
Copyright: 1969

A novelization of two episodes: The Beginning and The Experiment. "Within hours of accepting a holiday assignment designed to develop her psychic powers, Sharon Macready found herself made prisoner, cut off from civilization in an eerie and frightening laboratory. And the only neighbors she seemed to have were an old man of a hundred and four living in a glass house, and twelve zombies with super powers, all called Tommy Atkins. So that when Craig Stirling and Richard Barrett came to England to investigate a biological warfare establishment, all three found themselves caught up in a process that seemed destine to convert humanity into robots, and wipe the face of the earth with bacteriological extinction."


Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:1969
Last Appearance:1969

1 Deadline Discovery Deadline Discovery
Written by Unknown
Copyright: 1969

From Joe 90 Top Secret Annual 1969 - On a mission to protect a Mid-East leader wanting to take part in a peace conference, the Champions are really the target for a scientific team who wants to learn all about their abilities - and to replace them.


Number of Movies:1
First Appearance:1983
Last Appearance:1983

1 Legend of the Champions Legend of the Champions
Director: Cyril Frankel
Writer: Dennis Spooner
Actors: Alexandra Bastedo as Sharron Macready, Stuart Damon as Craig Stirling, William Gaunt as Richard Barrett
Released: 1983

A splicing together of two episodes from the television series, The Beginning and The Interrogation. The former told how the Champions got their abilities. The latter was from the second half of the season where Stirling was captured and interrogated about a previous mission. The new amalgam had Stirling being tortured to tell about another agent's mission and identity.


Number of Episodes:30
First Appearance:1968
Last Appearance:1969

1 The Beginning
Episode 1-01, first aired 09/25/1968
Director: Cyril Frankel
Writer: Dennis Spooner

On a mission to China to uncover proof of biological warfare, the three Nemesis agents nearly escape but their plane is too badly damaged. Crashing in the Himalayas and badly injured, they are found by a secret civilizaiton and healed. In doing so they are also gifted with some amazing abilities but are asked to never reveal their source.

2 The Invisible Man
Episode 1-02, first aired 10/02/1968
Director: Cyril Frankel
Writer: Donald James

Word comes to Nemesis that there is a plan to steal all the gold reserves from the bank housing it in London. The Champions will have their work cut out for them and their new powers with this assignment.

3 Reply Box No. 666
Episode 1-03, first aired 10/09/1968
Director: Cyril Frankel
Writer: Philip Broadley

When Tremayne hears of a classified ad asking for "a parrot who can speak Greek" he interprets that as a plan being undertay in the Caribbean that he says needs to be stopped. The Champions are sent to do so.

4 The Experiment
Episode 1-04, first aired 10/16/1968
Director: Cyril Frankel
Writer: Philip Broadley

A training facility that prepares would-be agents is under investigation by the Champions because one of its graduates was discovered breaking into Nemesis.

5 Happening
Episode 1-05, first aired 10/23/1968
Director: Cyril Frankel
Writer: Brian Clemens

As Tremayne, along with two of the Champions, Sharron and Craig, are in Australia to observer a nuclear weapons test. The third member is in the blast area suffering from amnesia.

6 Operation Deep Freeze
Episode 1-06, first aired 10/30/1968
Director: Paul Dickson
Writer: Gerald Kelsey

An unexpected nuclear explosion in Antartica gets the two Champions male agents sent to investigate. They learn a South American country is becoming a nuclear power.

7 The Survivors
Episode 1-07, first aired 11/06/1968
Director: Cyril Frankel
Writer: Donald James

The Champions are sent to Austia to check out reports of a weapons cache left over from WWII and find that it does indeed contain a huge amount of weapons and ammunitions - and a group of Nazi soldiers who think the war is still on.

8 To Trap a Rat
Episode 1-08, first aired 11/13/1968
Director: Sam Wanamaker
Writer: Ralph Smart

Drug smuggling into London is the target for the Champions in this mission and Sharron is picked to be the bait in their trap.

9 The Iron Man
Episode 1-09, first aired 11/20/1968
Director: John Moxey
Writer: Philip Broadley

An exiled South American ruler currently living in the south of France need the protection of the Champions but they discover that his excessive ways and boorish attitudes quickly put them at the head of the line to bump him off.

10 The Ghost Plane
Episode 1-10, first aired 11/27/1968
Director: John Gilling
Writer: Donald James

Reports of a mysterious airplane which is virtually undetectable and faster than anything yet heard of get the Champions their latest mission.

11 The Dark Island
Episode 1-11, first aired 12/04/1968
Director: Cyril Frankel
Writer: Tony Williamson

Visitors to a tropical island have a habit of vanishing. To learn what is happening to them, the Champions are dispatched.

12 The Fanatics
Episode 1-12, first aired 12/11/1968
Director: John Gilling
Writer: Terry Nation

To learn more about a group assassinating world leaders, the Champions send one of their team in as an ex-con to infiltrate the gang.

13 Twelve Hours
Episode 1-13, first aired 12/18/1968
Director: Paul Dickson
Writer: Donald James

The Champions are on bodyguard duty as a visiting Eastern Bloc leader takes a submarine tour. When the man is injured in a sabotage, Macready must operate on him and the other two must stop a mutiny.

14 The Search
Episode 1-14, first aired 01/01/1969
Director: Leslie Norman
Writer: Dennis Spooner

Former Nazis have stolen a nuclear submarine which the Champions must somehow retrieve.

15 The Gilded Cage
Episode 1-15, first aired 01/08/1969
Director: Cyril Frankel
Writer: Philip Broadley

Someone has broken into Nemesis headquarters to study the records on Barrett. To learn more, he allows himself to be kidnapped while the other two Champions investigate other leads.

16 Shadow of the Panther
Episode 1-16, first aired 01/15/1969
Director: Freddie Francis
Writer: Tony Williamson

Whilst on holiday in Haiti, Sharron investigates a plot to brainwash important figures in the worlds of politics, science and business, apparently orchestrated by a local sorcerer, Damballa. Richard and Craig become involved later, only to discover that Sharron has apparently been discovered by the plotters and brainwashed herself.

17 A Case of Lemmings
Episode 1-17, first aired 01/22/1969
Director: Paul Dickson
Writer: Philip Broadley

The trio are sent to investigate when several Interpol agents commit motiveless suicide. They discover that an Italian-American gangster forms the only connection between the agents, and set up a sting in which Craig threatens him, so as to discover his methodology.

18 The Interrogation
Episode 1-18, first aired 01/29/1969
Director: Cyril Frankel
Writer: Dennis Spooner

Craig is captured after a mission in Hong Kong and held in a cell where he is subject to interrogation by various cruel means. The unnamed interrogator wants information about Craig's last mission.

19 The Mission
Episode 1-19, first aired 02/05/1969
Director: Robert Asher
Writer: Donald James

The trio investigate an operation run by an ex-Nazi doctor who is providing plastic surgery, and hence future anonymity, for international criminals. Craig and Sharron go undercover as an Italian gangster and his moll. However, Richard is forced to move in and masquerade as a vagrant, in order to provide a matching blood group for them (because vagrants provide the raw biological material for the operation).

20 The Silent Enemy
Episode 1-20, first aired 02/12/1969
Director: Robert Asher
Writer: Donald James

The Champions are sent on a mission to recreate the journey of a submarine, which came into port with all of its crew dead from unknown causes.

21 The Body Snatchers
Episode 1-21, first aired 02/19/1969
Director: Paul Dickson
Writer: Terry Nation

Barrett, tipped off by a journalist contact, investigates a project in the Welsh countryside that is experimenting with freezing people at the point of death so that they can be revived once medical technology is advanced enough to help them.

22 Get Me Out of Here!
Episode 1-22, first aired 02/26/1969
Director: Cyril Frankel
Writer: Ralph Smart

The agents rescue an eminent female scientist who has returned to her home country and been detained against her will by the dictatorship that runs it. This government wants her to do her work there, in order to gain reflected prestige from her medical discoveries.

23 The Night People
Episode 1-23, first aired 03/05/1969
Director: Robert Asher
Writer: Donald James

Richard and Craig investigate Sharron's disappearance while on holiday in Cornwall and come across rumours of witchcraft. This turns out to be a cover for an entirely different undertaking.

24 Project Zero
Episode 1-24, first aired 03/12/1969
Director: Don Sharp
Writer: Tony Williamson

The agents are sent to investigate the disappearance of several eminent scientists?the only link is that all of them have theoretically been seconded to a non-existent Project Zero. Richard goes undercover as an electronics expert and makes it to the underground base but is discovered and has to pose as a journalist looking for a story. Craig and Sharron are forced to follow him in.

25 Desert Journey
Episode 1-25, first aired 03/19/1969
Director: Paul Dickson
Writer: Ian Stuart Black

In order to restore stability to a small Middle Eastern principality, the agents kidnap the son of the former Bey , who is leading a dissolute life as an exile in Rome. Craig and Sharron fly him into the area but are forced to land due to a sand storm and have to cross the desert (the journey of the title) to get him to his destination.

26 Full Circle
Episode 1-26, first aired 03/26/1969
Director: John Gilling
Writer: Donald James

A spy is captured at a foreign embassy but manages to dispose of the film, hiding what he was doing there. Craig is placed undercover as his cellmate so that he can arrange an escape, take the man with him, and find out who is employing him.

27 Nutcracker
Episode 1-27, first aired 04/02/1969
Director: Roy Ward Baker
Writer: Philip Broadley

After a senior figure in British Intelligence is brainwashed into breaking into his own secure vault (located underneath a tailor's shop) the Champions are sent to test its security and find out what happened.

28 The Final Countdown
Episode 1-28, first aired 04/16/1969
Director: John Gilling
Writer: Gerald Kelsey

Tracking an unrepentant Nazi who has been released after years in prison in East Germany, the Champions become involved in an attempt to stop him from obtaining an ex-Nazi atom bomb.

29 The Gun Runners
Episode 1-29, first aired 04/23/1969
Director: John Gilling
Writer: Gerald Kelsey

This was one of the few episodes that did not feature two stories running side by side. The three agents work on bringing a gunrunner to justice and recovering a consignment of Japanese rifles from the Second World War.

30 Autokill
Episode 1-30, first aired 04/30/1969
Director: Roy Ward Baker
Writer: Brian Clemens

Barka is using a lethal hallucinogenic drug to brainwash Nemesis agents and use them as assassins. Tremayne is his latest target, leading Craig, Richard and Sharron to work against time to find an antidote. During their investigations, Richard is captured by Barka and subjected to the same treatment. The target he is given to eliminate is Craig.


Number of Stories:34
First Appearance:1969
Last Appearance:1969

1 'Rocket Extortion' 'Rocket Extortion'

Copyright: 01/18/1969

From Joe 90 Top Secret #1 - A genius who calls himself Cantor has created two rockets capable of reaching and destroying New York City and Moscow and he will send them unless he receives $10 million. The Champions are tasked with finding and stopping him.

2 'Wine And Banking Don't Mix' 'Wine And Banking Don't Mix'
Published by Century 21 Publications

Copyright: 01/25/1969

From Joe 90 Top Secret #2 - In Geneva just finishing up an assignment, two of the Champions visit a bank for funds to get back to base when the third member, Sharron, gets a premonition and warns them out. Someone has been sending free wine to banks all over the city and when the employees drink it, they get doped into handing over cash to robbers.

3 'Rebellion in the Outback' 'Rebellion in the Outback'
Published by Century 21 Publications

Copyright: 02/01/1969

From Joe 90 Top Secret #3 - Grant Stirling of the Champions is in Australia to hunt down an army deserter who took off with a large shipment of munitions and is causing trouble in the Outback. When Stirling gets into trouble, the other members go to rescue him.

4 'Chalk One Up' 'Chalk One Up'
Published by Century 21 Publications

Copyright: 02/08/1969

From Joe 90 Top Secret #4 - A professor who is also a scientist in Britain's space program is killed in his classroom one night. Barrett goes undercover as a replacement while the other two Champions investigate elsewhere.

5 'How Not To Be Undetected' 'How Not To Be Undetected'
Published by Century 21 Publications

Copyright: 02/15/1969

From Joe 90 Top Secret #5 - Breaking into a top secret underground atomic fuel station in the Lithuanian SSR, Craig Stirling of the Champions lets himself be detected and then captured to learn how several agents before him were found out and killed.

6 'Who's The Real Tremayne' 'Who's The Real Tremayne'
Published by Century 21 Publications

Copyright: 02/22/1969

From Joe 90 Top Secret #6 - A criminal organization Nemesis is about to reveal to the authorities strike first and kidnap him, replacing him with a very good double. The Champions, though, have other senses than just their eyes.

7 'Ah, The Aroma Of A Fine Cigar' 'Ah, The Aroma Of A Fine Cigar'
Published by Century 21 Publications

Copyright: 03/01/1969

From Joe 90 Top Secret #7 - The plans for Britain's new supersonic interceptor missile have been stolen and the Champions are sent to help a British agent track down who took them. A cold trail was warmed up by Stirling's keen sense of smell and his knowledge of cigars.

8 'Not Quite Rally Champions' 'Not Quite Rally Champions'
Published by Century 21 Publications

Copyright: 03/08/1969

From Joe 90 Top Secret #8 and #9 (3 pages each) - A scientist is being held in a castle in the Soviet region of Kubrutsan and the Champions are told to get him out. Since entry into that land is very restricted, they have to use a road rally as a cover.
Note: this is the only two-parter in the comic book series.

9 'Something Fishy' 'Something Fishy'
Published by Century 21 Publications

Copyright: 03/22/1969

From Joe 90 Top Secret #10 - A fishman has been netted off the coast of Britain. Once that creature had been a normal man. The Champions are sent by Nemesis to learn how the transformation happened and why.

10 'The Not So Secret Mission' 'The Not So Secret Mission'
Published by Century 21 Publications

Copyright: 03/29/1969

From Joe 90 Top Secret #11 - The small republic of Seltstein has become very quiet of late - little word at all coming from the country. The Champions are sent there to see what trouble might be going on but with someone having bugged Nemesis headquarters, they knew their secret mission is already known.

11 'Time To Catch A Subway' 'Time To Catch A Subway'
Published by Century 21 Publications

Copyright: 04/05/1969

From Joe 90 Top Secret #12 - A series of robberies all over London have taken place but the thieves have only stolen small items, not the more valuable ones available. Prints left at the scene show a known international agitator to be one of the culprits. The Champions are sent to learn what is going on.

12 'Tank You For The Gift' 'Tank You For The Gift'
Published by Century 21 Publications

Copyright: 04/12/1969

From Joe 90 Top Secret #13 - The Soviets have been developing a new tank that the West wants info on. The Champions are sent to retrieve the plans but learn that the blueprints are sensitive to light so cannot be photographed. Solution? Steal the prototype.

13 'Listen Up!' 'Listen Up!'
Published by Century 21 Publications

Copyright: 04/19/1969

From Joe 90 Top Secret #14 - Someone has smuggled a tiny recording device in a batch of diamonds destined for someone. It is the job of the Champions to find who the receiver will be and what the purpose is.

14 'Looks Can Be Deceiving' 'Looks Can Be Deceiving'
Published by Century 21 Publications

Copyright: 04/26/1969

From Joe 90 Top Secret #15 - Wealthy men all over Europe have been kidnapped. The suspected next target happens to look a lot like Barrett, just a decade older. With makeup, the Champions member will become bait in a trap.

15 'It's All Up In The Air' 'It's All Up In The Air'
Published by Century 21 Publications

Copyright: 05/03/1969

From Joe 90 Top Secret #16 - An enemy agent was caught with pictures of a nearby missile base on him. The pictures were taken from over the launch site, an area highly restrictive of aircraft. The question for the Champions was how the shots were achieved.

16 'That's Mighty Deep' 'That's Mighty Deep'
Published by Century 21 Publications

Copyright: 05/10/1969

From Joe 90 Top Secret #17 - Three members of an experimental submarine have mutinied, taken control of the vessel, and thrown off all the other crew. The Champions are tasked with finding the sub and learning what the men planned to do with it.

17 'Cameras Do Not Lie' 'Cameras Do Not Lie'
Published by Century 21 Publications

Copyright: 05/17/1969

From Joe 90 Top Secret #18 - A film crew is making what looks like candid camera videos of numerous authorities in the West performing acts of treason or terrorism, all with the aim of defaming propaganda. One of the damning impersonations is that of Tremayne. He wants the Champions to stop the group and get the proof of the fakes.

18 'The End Is Near' 'The End Is Near'
Published by Century 21 Publications

Copyright: 05/24/1969

From Joe 90 Top Secret #19 - Sharron Macready discovers a man in her apartment trying to climb out the high rise window to commit suicide. The Champions learn that he is just one of several millionaires who have tried to end things and they are ordered by Tremayne to find out who is 'convincing' these men to end it all.

19 'A Drop In The Bucket' 'A Drop In The Bucket'
Published by Century 21 Publications

Copyright: 05/31/1969

From Joe 90 Top Secret #20 - A vial of bacteria has been stolen from a research facility in the States and a ransom demand of $2 million sent; failure to pay would have the contents released into the water supply of a large city. The Champions are sent to find and retrieve it.

20 'Hop On The Train' 'Hop On The Train'
Published by Century 21 Publications

Copyright: 06/07/1969

From Joe 90 Top Secret #21 - The Champions are after a very successful diamond smuggling ring. Stirling leaps onto a train carrying the latest shipment and then he and Barrett replace the two smugglers.

21 'Bullseye!' 'Bullseye!'
Published by Century 21 Publications

Copyright: 06/14/1969

From Joe 90 Top Secret #22 - A disarmament conference is being disrupted by an arms dealer's murderous actions. One attendee has been killed by an poisoned arrow but the assailant fled, leaving the bow behind. The Champions must stop another attack.

22 'Just a Few Baubles' 'Just a Few Baubles'
Published by Century 21 Publications

Copyright: 06/21/1969

From Joe 90 Top Secret #23 - A German scientist working for the Americans tells Tremayne how near the end of WWII, he assisted in finding a cave that could hold a vast amount of treasures the Nazi had stolen. Now he fears one other man who knew of the location might use it to fund a new Nazi party so the Champions are sent there to retrieve it.

23 'Land Ho, Chaps' 'Land Ho, Chaps'
Published by Century 21 Publications

Copyright: 06/28/1969

From Joe 90 Top Secret #24 - An insider traitor is smuggling information about a new attack submarine to the East Germans and it is the job of the Champions to find out who it is

24 'Not Afraid Of Heights' 'Not Afraid Of Heights'
Published by Century 21 Publications

Copyright: 07/05/1969

From Joe 90 Top Secret #25 - Enemy agents attack three astronauts as they prepare to board a rocket to the moon, replacing the men with doubles and adding a payload of small nuclear bombs to use as threats from space. The Champions were on hand because Tremayne was worried there would be trouble.

25 'Off To The Races' 'Off To The Races'
Published by Century 21 Publications

Copyright: 07/12/1969

From Joe 90 Top Secret #26 - A sheikh whose oil leases are coming up for renewal is kidnapped to force him to sign with the other side. The Champions are dispatched to rescue him.

26 'Time For A Nice Cruise' 'Time For A Nice Cruise'
Published by Century 21 Publications

Copyright: 07/19/1969

From Joe 90 Top Secret #27 - A ship's captain is using his vessel to smuggle wanted criminals out of Europe. The Champions are to put him out of business.

27 'The Identified Flying Object' 'The Identified Flying Object'
Published by Century 21 Publications

Copyright: 07/26/1969

From Joe 90 Top Secret #28 - A wealthy recluse has funded the development of a flying saucer. The inventor is upset to learn the benefactor is using it to attack ships to extort high passage fees. The Champions have other ideas.

28 Plot Down Under Plot Down Under
Published by Century 21 Publications

Copyright: 08/02/1969

From Joe 90 Top Secret #29 - An expert in brainwashing has gone missing and Nemesis worries either he has defected to the East or been kidnapped. When a sighting of him takes place, though, in Australia, the Champions are sent to find the truth.

29 'The Mercury Is Rising' 'The Mercury Is Rising'
Published by Century 21 Publications

Copyright: 08/09/1969

From Joe 90 Top Secret #30 - The Mercury Plaza is a new huge building complex under development, meant to house the Free World's diplomats. Intercepted communications reveal a plot to destroy the edifice so the Champions are sent to hunt down the schemers.

30 'It's All Down The Drain' 'It's All Down The Drain'
Published by Century 21 Publications

Copyright: 08/16/1969

From Joe 90 Top Secret #31 - A research facility near Paris is broken into and the plans for a new missile guidance system stolen. The Champions are ordered to get the plans back and bring the thieves in.

31 Story 31 Story 31
Published by Century 21 Publications

Copyright: 08/23/1969

From Joe 90 Top Secret #32 - [plot unknown]

32 'Plane To Catch' 'Plane To Catch'
Published by Century 21 Publications

Copyright: 08/30/1969

From Joe 90 Top Secret #33 - The Champions are sent into East Germany to rescue an agent who has been discovered by the other side and is heading to prison.

33 'Disappearing Rebels' 'Disappearing Rebels'
Published by Century 21 Publications

Copyright: 09/06/1969

From Joe 90 Top Secret #34 - Nemesis agents tracking rebels in an African nation have reported that their targets have vanished. Not believing they had turned invisible, Tremayne sends the Champions to take over the search.

34 'To Err Is Human' 'To Err Is Human'
Published by Century 21 Publications

Copyright: 1969

From Joe 90 Top Secret Annual 1969 - The Champions have been watching a researcher in a lab suspected of stealing vital secrets to pass to the Eastern Bloc. When he finally makes his move, they go after the spies now smuggling a microdot with the data.
Note: this is the final story in the series in this magazine and it is twice as long as all the others and in color for the first time.


       I absolutely love The Champions. I haven't been able to watch every episode but I have viewed a bunch and loved them decades ago and love them now. The one book with the novelizations of the episodes is well written and fun to read and the 30-some comic book stories are short, pithy, and entertaining though the latter is likely because I was already a fan and so predisposed to liking them.
       It was a wonderful mixture of spy fiction and super-heroes, though the latter was subdued enough to fit in with the secret cloak and dagger work of the former. These three did not dress up in spandex and reveal themselves to the world with heads up and shoulders back and hands on waist proudly demanding "look at me". Nope, they went about their business quietly and cautiously but their telepathic chatter between each other and their knowing looks and tiny grins let us know that they knew they had something special to offer.
       The missions were very overly complicated - this was nighttime television, of course. Bad guys were obviously bad. Victims were obviously in need of saving. The Champions were obviously in it to win. And they had POWERS, man! What teenage boy, as I was back then, or aged old fellow as I am now, would not love these three. And the fact that I loved them all the time in between is, well, just a testament to how much fun they were.


My Grade: B+

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raven4 A++- 2019-08-06

Alexandra Bastedo was the ABSOLUTE finest,. RIP Sharon

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