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Full Name: MP-5
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agency

Creator: M. H. Sargent
Time Span: 2010 - 2017


MP-5 is a detachment of agents for the CIA.

This small group of operatives with different areas of expertise work for the CIA but also coordinate with local armed forces in the area of their missions, at least in the first three books where the adventures require close cooperation with the military in first Iraq and then Afghanistan. The designator "MP-5" is occasionally expanded to Marco Polo 5" though no explanation is given.

Leading the group is Rick Gonzalez, a seasoned Special Forces officer who came to the Agency because of his years of experience with "boots on the ground" and was given control of the group. To everyone except his mother, this intelligent and resourceful operative is known as "Gonz".

As the series begins, there are five other members of MP-5 though two have been sent temporarily to Pakistan, leaving three.

Peterson is a very young Army private whose expertise with computers was noticed by Gonz during an earlier mission and who was seconded to MP-5.

"Heisman" is a tall, broad-shouldered African-American who got the nickname because he had almost won the award in college before ruining his knee and his chances for the pros. An expert in Arabic as well as being highly trained in combat, Heisman is someone Gonz is pleased to have around.

McKay is very good looking female doctor who, after finishing her residency, was offered a temporary job with the CIA in exchange for paying off her student loans. As her time of assignment grew to an end, though, she opted to stay with the group for a while longer, seeing what she did there actually making a difference.

Note: The first five novels in the series have been released only in e-book format thus far, though they are available on both the Kindle and the Nook systems.


Number of Books:9
First Appearance:2010
Last Appearance:2017

1 Seven Days From Sunday Seven Days From Sunday
Written by M. H. Sargent
Copyright: 2010

Word has it one of the most vocal of Iraqi terrorists is planning something big in one week and the MP-5 team must use everything, and everyone, to find out what it is and stop it.
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2 The Shot To Die For The Shot To Die For
Written by M. H. Sargent
Copyright: 2010

The finding of an American soldier's dead body in Iraq was unfortunately nothing unusual but the fact that inside it was computer flash drive was. As MP-5 start their investigation, they are also asked to help find a missing Iraqi photographer and they soon determine the two activities are related.
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3 Operation Spider Web Operation Spider Web
Written by M. H. Sargent
Copyright: 2010

Now operating in Afghanistan, MP-5 learns of a set of movement by the Taliban that, when studied further, reveals actions which can bring Pakistan and India back to the brink of war.
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4 The Yemen Connection The Yemen Connection
Written by M. H. Sargent
Copyright: 2010

The source for vital information about an upcoming Yemeni terrorist plot against the U.S. has been arrested and the conduit of information ended unless MP-5 can convince a wealthy Yemeni businessman to take his place. Matters get worse when the original source escapes, putting the pretender in jeopardy.
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5 Alliance Of Evil Alliance Of Evil
Written by M. H. Sargent
Copyright: 2010

Several small terrorist cells have staged attacks inside the U.S. and more are coming unless MP-5 can track down the head of the group inside Mexico, a task made far harder by the growing wars of the drug cartels.
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6 The Birdwatchers The Birdwatchers
Written by M. H. Sargent
Copyright: 2013

A commercial airliner from Vancouver to Phoenix explodes in the air. The official story is mechanical failure but MP-5 knows it was terrorists who had their hands on Iraqi SAMs and they have more to use.
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7 A Containable Incident A Containable Incident
Written by M. H. Sargent
Copyright: 2014

An embassy official in Turkmenistan is told of an upcoming nuclear attack by Iran against the U.S. She dies almost immediately afterwards. The CIA send two agents into Iran to learn more. They die quickly. MP-5 is then chosen but they will have to operate without backup.
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8 Ghost Gathering Ghost Gathering
Written by M. H. Sargent
Copyright: 2015

The ghost is a group of terrorists currently unknown of by the authorities. The gathering is an upcoming attack being planned by the group. MP-5 gets a tip about both but the information is sketchy.
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9 The Rapier The Rapier
Written by M. H. Sargent
Copyright: 2017

The Rapier is one of the world's greatest assassins. He is in Hong Kong to take out a Chinese target. Also in the area is the MP-5 team so trouble is sure to take place.
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I pondered for a short while whether e-books should be included in my collection but it was just a very short while, long enough to read the first 50 pages of the first book before deciding this series belonged. The writing is terse and to-the-point. The characterizations could use a bit of work. The plots are believable. All-in-all, the stories are very enjoyable. I bought the first one and soon thereafter got the next three. When I saw some time later that there was a fourth, I grabbed it without hesitation even if it were more expensive (the first costs only $.99 and is a great bargain). There is no doubt I will get more when they become available and that is one good indicator that the series is worth it.

Though I went back over the first couple of books, I could not find any first name for Peterson, Heisman (or his real last name), or McKay and that bothered me a tad but not enough to stop reading them. A bit more of their history might be nice, too, but perhaps I am trying too hard to find something to complain about.

That is a good recommendation.


My Grade: B+


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