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Full Name: Travis Chase
Nationality: American
Organization: Tangent
Occupation Agent

Creator: Patrick Lee
Time Span: 2009 - 2011


Travis Chase is an agent for Tangent.

He does not to be. He has never officially joined. He possibly is not even getting paid by them. Nevertheless, he works for them as they struggle to keep tenuous control over an accident that happened two decades before and is still threatening the existence of everything.

Chase is a former cop and an ex-con. He had been raised by two not very nice parents who made their living taking what did not belong to them from others. He was himself not a very nice person and he became a police officer largely because it afforded him a chance to keep up with the good guys might be doing against his family and to help further their activities whenever possible. He likely would have remained as such for his entire life if he had not met a lovely young woman who convinced him of a better way. To stop her from stopping him, his parents had her killed. In retaliation and feeling it was the right thing to do, he killed them. And then spent the next 15 years in prison.

As the series begins, Chase is now in his early 40s and wanting nothing from nobody. He has travelled to Alaska and was hiking to really no place in particular when he comes upon a down 747 and sees his entire life change forever.

Break away and back to the event that happened two decades before. As the first particle accelerator is created to find subatomic particles, the inaugural run of the device produces an unforeseen event, a rip in the fabric of existence, something the eggheads who caused it called the Breach. It was a fascinating and mesmerizing tear which, if one stayed too near it too long would cause death or madness. Nothing the scientists did could close it. And after a while, from wherever it led, strange objects came through. These objects were of scientific marvel category doing incredible things far beyond human technology, not all understandable.

It was inevitable that someone somewhere would decide to use the artifacts, known as entities, for their personal gain and to stop that and contain as much as possible the trouble from the Breach itself, the incredibly secret organization called Tangent was created.

One of the main agents for Tangent is the exceptionally resourceful Paige Campbell. Smart, athletic, gutsy, and determined, she is as good an agent as she is beautiful and she is quite beautiful. She has been an agent for some time as the series starts and it is she who shows Chase the ins and outs of dealing with technology that is far beyond anyone's real understanding. Chase, for his part, needs no further lessons in understanding how devious minds work. Together, these two agents and soon-to-lovers have their hands full with enemy agents and alien devices.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2009
Last Appearance:2011

1 The Breach The Breach
Written by Patrick Lee
Copyright: 2009

On a hike through Alaska to clear his head, Travis Chase comes upon a plane crash site where he finds the body of the First Lady and inadvertently gets involved in a hunt for a strange device and a conspiracy reaching to the White House.
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2 Ghost Country Ghost Country
Written by Patrick Lee
Copyright: 2010

When his friend, Paige Campbell, is kidnapped after leaving a meeting with the President, Travis Chase is asked to help find her and a cylinder that can open a hole in time in order to stave off a future that looks increasingly bleak for humanity.
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3 Deep Sky Deep Sky
Written by Patrick Lee
Copyright: 2011

The death of the President from a missile attack while making a speech from the White House brings to the attention of Chase and Campbell of another decade-old secret that is as surprising as the Breach and they learn they have just 24 hours to prevent a horrid situation from happening.
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I pondered a long time over whether this series should be classified as about Travis Chase or be a partnership between Chase and Campbell as both are vital to the success of the series. I decided to go with Chase as he is definitely the main character but now I have to worry about Campbell kicking my rear for the slight. And she could do so easily.

This is a very science-fiction oriented series but it still falls within my lines of spy-fiction because of the activities that the agents have to perform. They have to find out info and analyze it and then use it to protect the status-quo from being not so very nice. The fact that one of the oppositions that challenge them come from the other side of a hole in the universe does not change that fact. It does, of course, make it very different.

One minor problem I have with the series is the whole concept of pre-destination that permeates the books. The alien artifacts contain intelligence and foresight into what will happen, making the paradoxical questions scream at me. If the enemy can see into the future and what the agents are doing have been predetermined, then why bother doing them? This can get annoying.

That said, you really have to like Chase and Campbell. There is not much choice there. The characters are very well written and very interesting and though the ending of the first book irked me, it did not keep me from picking up, when it became available, the second and that did not stop me from anticipating the third.

Good writing will do that.


My Grade: B+

Your Average Grade:   A


DHolloway A 2016-08-17

This series is an interesting mash up of secret agents and science fiction. The concept and ideas were very well done and the genres blended perfectly. Well written with plenty of action and some mind bending toys. Highly recommended.

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