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Full Name: William 'Jacko' Jackson
Nationality: British
Organization: MI5
Occupation Other - Crook

Creator: Kenneth Royce
Time Span: 1990 - 1992


Jacko Jackson is a part-time agent for MI-5.

Truthfully, he is a crook. At least, that is what most of the policemen and members of Scotland Yard who have heard of him would likely say. He has no criminal record, other than the time he spent in military prison at the end of his career with the Special Air Squadron for an infraction that is not clearly defined, but since he became a civilian again, he has had numerous run-ins with the law. Nothing ever stuck to him and he is pleased to say he is basically clean but those in the know would wink at the notion that Jackson was on the up-and-up. Especially when he does not have much in the way of visible earnings and he drives a beautiful Ferrari. Exactly what sort of criminal enterprise Jackson might be in, though, was something few could really nail down. Jackson would just grin if ever asked.

William is his legal first name but his time in prison gave him the nickname of "Glasshouse" in honor of the facility that housed him. His more common name, though, is Jacko, earned during his SAS time. It was while serving there for several years that he earned more than the name; he became known as a fairly wild operative who could be counted on to undertake some outlandish assignments and then pull them off. His reputation as an achiever was equaled by his rep as a loose cannon, the latter being not really fair.

Jackson's membership in this collection of spy characters comes not from his seeking such a position but because his help was sought on two occasions by agents of MI-5. The first time it was by a retiring agent named Towler who was up against some powerful people in a case where his friends and his enemies looked a lot alike. With his options running low and needing a strong hand to survive, Towler looked up his old friend Jackson and the two went for a very fun, albeit explosive, trip. Jackson's involvement in the case did not come until well into the second half of the book but his role was crucial to the outcome and when he arrived on the scene, he made an impression.

Having once served in a freelance nature, Jackson is neither surprised nor pleased when he is approached again to help in a governmental matter, this time involving a case which resulted in the death of a police commissioner. Jackson is needed because the official method of investigation got the first man killed and it was hoped that by using someone outside official channels the truth might be achieved. Jackson's numerous outside-the-law enterprises were used as a leverage to get his help but Jackson was intrigued by the adventure nonetheless.

Besides being a good man to have on your side in a fist fight, Jackson is especially skilled with a hand gun, a fact that keeps him alive on several occasions. He is very comfortable with the ladies and he enjoys the respect of a large number of men both in the military and in the underworld.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1990
Last Appearance:1992

1 Exchange Of Doves Exchange Of Doves
Written by Kenneth Royce
Copyright: 1990

Soon retiring MI-5 agent Towler gets caught in a exchange of an innocent woman and a captured fugitive and soon is on the run for his life as every side seems out to get him. He turns to Jackson for help staying alive.

2 The Proving Ground The Proving Ground
Written by Kenneth Royce
Copyright: 1991

Thomas Ewing was asked to look into something for the Prime Minister, only to learn that the last man to be asked that was murdered. Knowing he needed help but needing to stay outside normal channels as he did not know who he could trust, Ewing turns to Jackson for some unorthodox assistance.

3 Limbo Limbo
Written by Kenneth Royce
Copyright: 1992

A very expensive piece of porcelain owned by the French government is in the possession of a private collector named Reg Dine. Jacko Jackson is asked to find out how that came to be.


The author, Kenneth Royce, does bad guys as good guys very well. He proved that conclusively over several volumes of 'Spider' Scott adventures and he continues that record with two highly engaging tales from the like of Jacko Glasshouse Jackson, a man you had to love for the sheer audacity of riding around town in a Ferrari while keeping a low profile. And when helping the good guy are a few pretty bad guys all out to take down some even badder dudes, it is sure to be a heck of a ride.

I liked Jackson, a lot. He did not really want to get involved in either case but then again, the excitement level was probably too much for him to pass up. His slightly illegal commercial enterprises keep him quite lucrative but of late they have not had the thrill level they once had, probably due to the fact that most people learned not to mess with them because they would be messing with Jackson. Seeing him go up against the powers-that-be is a blast.

I delayed putting Jackson in this collection because I was not quite sure if he fit but eventually decided he definitely did. Then the dilemma was whether to list his occupation as "Other - Crook" which he certainly would fit or "Freelance Agent" which is closer to how he operates in these adventures but not quite as close to what he really is. If someone came up with a good case for the other side of the coin, I would not disagree. I might not change it but I would not argue.


My Grade: B+


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