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Full Name: Lacey Lockington
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Private Investigator

Creator: Ross H. Spencer
Time Span: 1989 - 1991


Lacey Lockington is a private investigator.

As the three-book series opens, he is a cop and a darn good one. He might be a tad too good, though, at finding dangerous situations and he has had to remove permanently several miscreants who wanted to remove him first. Normally in Chicago this would go largely unnoticed but the publisher of a local newspaper, behind in the subscriptions, opted to take an anti-police stance to drum up controversy and sell papers. He chose as one of his targets the actions of Lockington and he used as his weapon a column by a woman who tried her best to make him out to be a kill-crazy cop. Eventually it would become untenable for Lockington to stay on the job and he had to find another profession.

That new profession was working with his former partner who had left the force years before to become a private investigator. Lockington got his own license and started his new life. In this new job his world remained fairly similar to what it had been before, just without the badge and the protection it brought. He still found himself in trouble a lot where a quick fist or a loud gun could mean the difference between showing up for work again the next day or showing up nowhere ever again.

And this new life brought him just as many opportunities with the ladies, if not more so. And the ladies was something Lockington never had trouble finding. Or wooing. Or winning. Sometimes he had trouble with them staying longer than he would like and sometimes they came back and sometimes they were not so friendly but by and large his problems with women was, well, truth be told, he had no trouble to speak of.

His trouble came in the form of danger in the cases he finds after he leaves the force for the two books that take place with him as a full-time private eye sees him going up against a large number of spies, many of whom would not hestitate to kill him. These spies work on both sides of the Iron Curtain being from both the CIA and the Soviet Union. They either want to have what he has or to make sure he does not have it anymore or to make sure he does not live much anymore. Lockington, though, has his own attitudes.

Sharing a smaller role in the series but proving to be a delight is the Russian spy named Natasha. All moose-and-squirrel jokes aside, that is her name and she is a delight that definitely delights Lockington on more than one occasion.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1989
Last Appearance:1991

1 The Fifth Script The Fifth Script
Written by Ross H. Spencer
Copyright: 1989

A cop suspended when a newspaper columnist brands him a kill-crazy policeman, Lockington takes a temporary private eye gig and is surprised when the writer shows up and asks for him help keeping her alive with those who wrote the column before her start getting killed.

2 The Devereaux File The Devereaux File
Written by Ross H. Spencer
Copyright: 1990

Now an ex-cop, Lockington takes an assignment which heads him to Miami to see if an old friend really is hooked up in the drug trade. What he finds is a crazy mess of spies all fighting for drug money and something else with the CIA and the Russians at war and everyone else in the middle.

3 The Fedorovich File The Fedorovich File
Written by Ross H. Spencer
Copyright: 1991

As the Soviet Union starts to shut down, a Russian defector has written a book detailing how it is all a plot to get NATO to relax its defenses. The writer has disappeared in Ohio and Lockington and Natasha are hired to track him down. Naturally, other agents are after him as well.


Mr. Spencer, according to an article I read online, was recovering in a hospital in his mid 50's when he read a Spencer detective novel and found it hilariously funny despite it not being written as such. Obviously not sharing the attitude that millions of readers of Mr. Parker had, he did not care for it and felt he could do as good. Since he thought it was funny, he decided to make his own books the same and thus his short but fun career as a humorous detective writer began.

Lockington was his second series and the only one that fits in this collection. It fits because two of the three books deal with spies and intrigue and have the beautiful and sexy Natasha in them. Since Lockington is the main character, he gets the title credit but it is Natasha who steals the show.

These books are not that good in spycraft, being silly and irreverent. They are, however, great fun to read and worth the time.


My Grade: B-


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