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Full Name: Sam Borne
Nationality: American
Organization: The Committee
Occupation Agent

Creator: E. B. Cross
Time Span: 1985 - 1986


Sam Borne is an agent for The Committee.

He is also an incredibly rare commodity - an American Ninja. Using his near-superhuman skills in the service of the ultra-secret U.S. espionage agency, he is a one-man destructive force to be turned on those others were unable to stop. Very good looking and highly attractive to women, naturally being highly attracted to them as well, Borne walks into any situation, whether a lovely's bedroom or a rich bad guy's boardroom, with total self-assuredness and the skills and experience to back it up. Borne has been an agent with the Committe for nearly a decade and a half, if the dates given can be used. The first recorded adventure takes place in or around 1985 and there is a remembrance told of an earlier assignment in 1973 when he was still fairly new to the department but had performed a few missions already.

In addition to his considerable fighting skills, Borne enjoys a sharp intellect which he keeps honed by reading for pleasure Emerson and other philosophers coupled with the teachings of Zen. He speaks six foreign languages with native skill and has solid knowledge of several more. But despite his brain power, the key to Borne success is his body and to maintain his athleticism when not on assignment, he runs at least five miles every day and finishes that off with a hundred pushups, a third normal, a third right-handed and the last left-handed.

Borne is either rich on his own or has an incredible expense account as in the first book while vacationing on Ibiza and growing restless, he buys a Porsche. In the second of the two-book series, he drives to a visit with an old mentor and oracle in a Lamborghini. Both these vehicles demonstate his love of speed and excitement and his absolute hatred of boredom.

The Committee for whom he works is an ultra-secret American intelligence department created to take the jobs that the other agencies have already messed up or simply refused to even try. Borne, and his entire department apparently, has little or nothing good to say about the Agency, ever.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1985
Last Appearance:1986

1 The Ninth Dragon The Ninth Dragon
Written by E. B. Cross
Copyright: 1985

A Vietnamese general is making himself rich by flooding the US with heroin. The Committee wants
Sam Bourne to eliminate the man and destroy his operations, even if it means taking on the man's own army.       

2 The White Angel The White Angel
Written by E. B. Cross
Copyright: 1986

She was called the White Angel by those she employed in her empire along the Amazon, beautiful and graceful and near perfection. She was also incredibly dangerous as Bourne was to discover when he was sent to challenge her.


There is no doubt that Sam Borne is far too good to be real but, gosh-darn it, he is a lot of fun to read and there are times you want to say, "Give me a kick-up operative who loves the ladies and drives great cars and drinks the best of everything and doesn't have a hang-over or an accident or some jilted lover trying to kill him." When you utter such a plea, pick up the books by Mr. Cross and smile.

The plots are as over-the-top as the character but the writing style is such that it does not matter. These are fun books to read and worth the few hours of time. You will not really believe things are possible but you will not give a darn either. Mr. Cross was out to entertain and he most certainly did with me. I would have liked a few more.


My Grade: B


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