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Full Name: Shauna Bishop
Series Name: Black Swan
Codename: Black Swan
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: J. J. Montague
Time Span: 1974 - 1975


Shauna Bishop is an agent with the CIA.

A luscious beauty at the age of 24 when the three-book series begins, Bishop is the bastard child of a Mexican gardener and a Las Vegas call girl who grew up with little or nothing to call her own and a determination to never go back to that ever again. As an adult, she lives in a very nice Newport Beach apartment and has a beautiful wardrobe able to display her alluring curves but other than that her life style is a simple one as she put away most of her earnings. When she had reached $200,000 in savings, she was leaving her current work and retiring to South America. She is nearly halfway to that goal.

Until that time, Bishop works as a contract operative with the Agency, on call whenever they need someone of her impressive talents. Though still young, she is far from inexperienced and has had numerous assignments which have taken her around the world and presented many dangers. Four men have died at her hand during the course of these missions. Though she is adverse to taking life, she does not hesitate to do whatever was needed to get her job done and to get out alive.

If whatever it takes involves the use of her body as something other than a lethal weapon, Bishop has no problems for she discovered at an early age that she was definitely a nymphomaniac. Loving sex as much as she does and being a beautiful and alluring as she was, her ability to infiltrate any organization using her sex as the key was her second greatest asset, right after her keen intellect.

Because of devotion to the carnal pleasures, she was given as her codename with the Agency the term Black Swan, an epithet said in the books to be in the thesaurus as another term for nymphomaniac.

Note: Some sources list a fourth book, The Judas Kiss, as being in the series but a study of the cover art and reading the blurb shows no sign of Shauna Bishop and the hero of the book being a man named Mike Dark. That name does not appear in any of the three books that came out before this book, nor does the series name of Black Swan appear on the cover as it does the others. I have included the book in the listing to show what I mean but did not count.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1974
Last Appearance:1975

1 The Chinese Kiss The Chinese Kiss
Written by J. J. Montague
Copyright: 1974

To combat a Chinese agent who is a known lesbian, Bishop must be converted to that philosophy in order to learn what the agent is up to and who she has helping her.

2 The Cong Kiss The Cong Kiss
Written by J. J. Montague
Copyright: 1974

At first it seemed a simple case of taking apart a drug-running operation but Bishop quickly learns that she is actually up against a plot to destroy America and she is totally on her own.
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3 The French Kiss The French Kiss
Written by J. J. Montague
Copyright: 1974

Bishop's mission is to the Middle East where she is given what seemed a simple assignment but soon the very fragile peace in that region is put to the test and she holds the key to its continuation, if she survives long enough.
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4 The Judas Kiss The Judas Kiss
Written by J. J. Montague
Copyright: 1975

Evidence indicates (see the cover) that this is NOT a Shauna Bishop adventure but a spy novel about a character named Mike Dark.
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There is no doubt that this series was sexploitation meant to draw on the popularity of spy adventures with the prurient delight of very graphic detail of sex. As such, it is to be read with no expectation of anything other than what it appears to be. When you do that, the books are not bad at all. Bishop comes across as a decent woman who likes to dress indecently. The writing style is simple and straightforward with too many big words and never many pages passing without someone show some private part.

When compared with others in this sub-genre, like the Lady from L.U.S.T. and the Girl from H.A.R.D., it is superior. That does not make the series good, just better than most of its kind.


My Grade: C


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