Halloran1 Halloran2
Full Name: Halloran
Nationality: British
Organization: Omega Section
Occupation Agent

Creator: David Gethin
Time Span: 1984 - 1986


Halloran is an agent with Omega Section.

This highly secretive and selective member of the British Intelligence community only has the best agents working for it as it goes about doing the jobs that do not quite fit either MI-5 or MI-6 or which seem a bit too sensitive for the more well known departments to handle.

Halloran is one of the best in the Section and has been for the past half decade. Prior to going to work for the Section roughly eight years before, he had been in the SAS and had seen action in numerous hotspots around the world where British interests were at stake.

Being as good as he is, he knows when it is time to think of other trades and for him that time is now. As the series begins, Halloran is 38 years old, has just the slightest beginnings of a paunch from having missed a couple of training sessions, is starting to lose his hair, and has a face that reflects too well the many unpleasant things he has seen. He is due to retire at the end of the month and is looking forward to no longer putting his life at risk on a daily basis though he has not given that much thought to what he will do once gone from the Section.

Halloran, like any good agent, enjoys the company of the ladies and tries to satisfy their urges while taking care of his own. He is realistic enough, though, to know that when a beautiful, younger woman throws herself at him with the ardor that happens once or twice in the adventures, they may have more on their minds than animalistic desire for his body. Being a realist, he knows they have other motives. And being a realist, he sees no reason to stop them.

The first book deals with his final assignment as a normal agent while the second takes place some time after he has left.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1984
Last Appearance:1986

1 Jack Lane's Browning Jack Lane's Browning
aka Point of Honor
Written by David Gethin
Copyright: 1984

Halloran is sent to Wales to investigate the death of an old friend, an MI-5 agent sent to investigate the death of a CIA agent. It does not take long for various groups to seem unhappy with his search.

2 Dane's Testament Dane's Testament
Written by David Gethin
Copyright: 1986

Seemingly happy now retired and well on the road to being an alcoholic, Halloran is brought back into action when a professor at a college asks him to investigate a colleague who seems too perfect. Halloran agrees and people begin to try to stop him for good.


Mr. Gethin must have an issue with first names. He wrote the two-book Halloran and the three-book Wyatt series and gave neither character a first name.

What he gave both of them, luckily, was the ability to get involved in a lot of exciting, interesting action. That fact does not jump out at you immediately with the Halloran series because in truth not a lot happens in the first hundred pages and yet the pages flow swiftly and enjoyably. I got to like Halloran immediately and wanted to know what he was going to do next. That is a good writer.

I wanted more Halloran. I did not get them so I have to be satisfied with the two. Thanks, Mr. Gethin, for what you did give me.


My Grade: B+


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