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Full Name: Patrick Chambers
Nationality: American
Organization: -
Occupation Freelance Agent

Creator: John P. Evans, John B. Mannion
Time Span: 1980 - 1981


Patrick Chambers is a freelance agent.

He certainly took an unusual route to such an unusual profession and even agent is not his official, intended occupation. That line of work involves plants.

Chambers is an impressive man both physically and professionally. At 37 years old when the series begins, he stands 6'4" tall and has a wide, muscular build making him very imposing when first met. He is handsome and charming and has a relaxed air about him that makes people open up to him often without realizing it.

His intended line of work was that of academic administration and it was for that he earned his degree and was offered at job at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University. His climb up the ladder was fast and furious and at the age of 32 he was made the youngest dean of a department the school had yet had. He stayed for three years at that position until the hassles of academic bureaucracy got to him and he quit.

Falling to his great love of growing things, Chambers bought a plant store in the middle of Georgetown called Green-Space Unlimited, a firm that specializes in providing plants and such for offices buildings and environs in and round the nation's capital. He is considered an expert in tropical plants and has been asked to speak and advise on the matter.

The last bit of information about Chambers that is of import is that he also has earned a reputation over the years as a skilled criminologist, a man who is able to sniff out clues that others miss, put the pieces together quickly and quietly, and come to an understanding faster than most. Additionally, his administration skills, combined with his criminology skills, make him a recognized expert at setting up police procedures and organization. It is these skills that are used by various groups over the years, all on a freelance basis for a standard fee of $5000 a job.

Those who have contracted with him for his services have included the CIA, the State Department, and the White House. Outside the American government one of his clients has been the Organization of American States, with the White House's endorsement.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1980
Last Appearance:1981

1 A Breach Of Fate A Breach Of Fate
Written by John B. Mannion, John P. Evans
Copyright: 1980

Asked by a former boss connected to the Agency to look into a series of odd mishaps befalling a powerful international corporation, Patrick Chambers heads to Africa and a construction site of a new dam, scene of the latest trouble. Someone knows he is coming.

2 The Vanishing Vector The Vanishing Vector
Written by John B. Mannion, John P. Evans
Copyright: 1981

Dozens of Chinese diplomats die suddenly in America's capital and everyone wants it hushed up to avoid a war, including the Chinese government. It falls to Patrick Chambers to dig deep to find who is behind the murders and why.


While it becomes quickly obvious that Patrick Chambers is a well-respected expert on police matters and pretty good at police work himself, how he got that way remained a bit of secret. It appeared he got a doctorate in academic administration and he got a job at a major university and quickly became a dean. Then he quit that after several years and became a plant business owner. Somewhere along the way he became someone who is called on to handle international police issues.

But if you just shrug off this question, the two adventures are good fun and the action is frequent and interesting. You do get to like Chambers and are likely to wish there had been a couple more books about him.


My Grade: B


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