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Full Name: Martyn Cale
Nationality: British
Organization: DI-6
Occupation Agent

Creator: Patrick Long
Time Span: 1973 - 1975


Martyn Cale is an agent with DI-6.

He didn't set out to be an agent. He planned to be a reporter and had been one for several years since he dropped out of London University. The urge to get out into the world and do something made staying in class unpleasant and an opportunity to start at the bottom came to him so he took it. After a couple of years learning his trade, he got a good job at a major London paper and became a traveling reporting, operating mostly overseas. It was while he was in Cyprus that he was approached by a Intelligence recruiter. He found the job of agent even more exciting.

As the two-book series opens, Cale is the number two agent in Singapore and very much likes the work and the environment. He has no desire for any change but when the need to an agent who had no allegiance to any bureaucracy or entrenched old-boy network arose, it was Cale who was chosen.

Cale is 6'2", likely in his early 30's, possesses an athletic heavy build and an agile grace to his movements. He is fluent in both German and Russian and is considered quite good at more than one dialect of Chinese. His ear for languages makes him a welcome agent in more parts of the world.

Cale is especially gifted in his ability to take care of himself. Good with firearms, both big and small, he nevertheless prefers to use his hands when needed. He is a 3rd degree black belt in Karate, taught by a Chinese instructor while in Singapore. He is an above average boxer as well. He also possesses a good eye for predicting trouble, giving him a nice leg up.

Friendly and personable when not pushed, Cale has charm and an ease about him. Until that push comes and then he gets a bit testy.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1973
Last Appearance:1975

1 Heil Britannia Heil Britannia
Written by Patrick Long
Copyright: 1973

The man who would be the second Hitler has taken the last ten years to bring key people from all levels of British government into his plan to bring about another Reich. It is up to Martyn Cale to track down this leader and stop his plan from succeeding.

2 Eagle Six Eagle Six
Written by Patrick Long
Copyright: 1975

Given a simple job as a rest, Martyn Cale figured taking over security of an aircraft manufacturer would be simple but then several "accidents" which almost take his life happen in quick succession.


I could easily have imagined the two books about Martyn Cale having been written in the mid 60's instead of the 70's. By the time the 70's came along, many of the agents being introduced were of the anti-hero mold, especially British agents. If not openly contemptuous of authority, they were often sarcastic and snarky in dealings with their seniors. Cale is a throw-back to a bit more respectful and courteous period.

I liked Cale. He was proficient without being overly so. He had the occasional good insightful comments but did not throw them around too much. Solid writing from the author.


My Grade: B


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