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Full Name: Vin Cooper
Nationality: American
Organization: U.S. Air Force
Occupation Military - Officer

Creator: David Rollins
Time Span: 2005 - 2018


Vin Cooper is a Military Policeman.

To be more accurate, he is a Special Agent in the Office of Special Investigation of the U.S. Air Force, an internal affairs policing unit answerable only to the Inspector General of the Air Force and tasked with handling all the law enforcement cases in that branch of the military from drunken fights and robbery up to rape and murder and grand theft and all the way to the top for treason and subversive activities. In this department, Cooper holds the rank of Major.

As the series begins, Cooper is 34 years old, likes to think he looks 28, and realizes his ex-wife says he acts 18. The ex-wife is just recently "ex" with the divorce having been finalized just a day or two before the first documented case. Cooper is a bit of a wreck physically, emotionally, and career-wise. In the military, you do not pound the daylights out of a senior officer even if that man is having oral sex with your wife. And getting drunk and disorderly three times in the year following, although Cooper can only remember two of those instances, does not help garner confidence.

But Cooper is a heck of an investigator and he is able to find the truth even when the entire military establishment seems determined to hide it behind classified documents, red tape, regulations, and old-fashioned stone walling. Cooper's tenacity and his nose for the truth win out though he pays for it by making more than his share of enemies.

Making an enemy of Cooper though is not a wise thing to do. If he is not drinking his sorrows away, he is a skilled fighter who has been shot more than once, shot at far more times, survived a helicopter crash, served in some very rugged areas, and lived through it all. He also trained, as part of his preparations for OSI, with both the Rangers and the Marines Force Recon. When you are likely to have to go up against some of the best trained killers in the military, it pays to be as trained as they are.

Cooper is a military cop but the cases he handles in the books about him are anything but normal cases - they involve people breaking the laws of numerous nations all to get or achieve or keep things they were never meant to have. He is good at his job.


Number of Books:7
First Appearance:2005
Last Appearance:2018

1 The Death Trust The Death Trust
Written by David Rollins
Copyright: 2005

Cooper is sent to Iraq to investigate the death of a soldier by sniper. He finds a series of accidental deaths and the trail of evidence leads from Baghdad through sex slavery ops in Europe to the White House.
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2 A Knife Edge A Knife Edge
Written by David Rollins
Copyright: 2006

An accidental death by shark attack on the coast of Japan is the first incident in a case for Vin Cooper which will force him to uncover a shadow government that has no problem killing to protect itself.
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3 Hard Rain Hard Rain
Written by David Rollins
Copyright: 2008

What looked to Cooper like another killing by a serial murderor in Istanbul turns into a mission to find a group involved in numerous bloody deaths all related to a plot to take over the world.
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4 Ghost Watch Ghost Watch
Written by David Rollins
Copyright: 2010

Vin Cooper wanted the most dangerous assignment he could get but was given instead a cakewalk, watching over two music superstars who are doing a special show for US troops in Rwanda. Then their chopper is forced in the Congo and staying alive becomes a challenge.
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5 Warlord Warlord
Written by David Rollins
Copyright: 2012

An old colleague of Vin Cooper has been kidnapped, his severed hand left behind as proof. 21 days are all he has to find the person and accomplish a rescue mission but things are complicated by CIA agents looking for a missing nuclear bomb.

6 Standoff Standoff
Written by David Rollins
Copyright: 2013

A massacre at the El Paso airport brings Vin Cooper there to check the death of an AWOL airman in the slaughter. Someone does not want him investigating, though, and he is framed for several murders. This helps in his plan to head south of the border to join the cartels.
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7 Kingdom Come Kingdom Come
Written by David Rollins
Copyright: 2018

"A helicopter with the Russian President aboard is shot down over northern Syria and captured by the Scorpion, the last remaining and most feared ISIS combat commander. The only person who could possibly effect a rescue is former OSI Special Agent Vin Cooper. But unfortunately for the President, Cooper's not in the saving-the-world game any more."
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I was at first leery about starting this series, fool that I was, because I did not know for sure if Vin Cooper would fit with a group of spies, being a cop and all, but just a couple of pages into the first book I knew that regardless of whether he fit, I was in for a great time.

I liked Cooper from the beginning and I really liked Mr. Rollins from the first page. He had me hooked with the death of a soldier by sniper fire. He solidified that with the aerial death of a general. And then first meeting Cooper as the man considers how bad his breath had to be from the previous night's libations. Angry, then stunned, and then grinning. All within a few pages and all making sense and all designed to keep you reading.

I sure kept going. I hope Mr. Rollins will, too.


My Grade: A-


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