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Full Name: Paul Richter
Nationality: British
Organization: FOE
Occupation Agent

Creator: James Barrington
Time Span: 2004 - 2019


Paul Richter is an agent with the Foreign Operations Executive.

This agency in the British Intelligence community with the interesting acronym is a highly covert organization tasked with taking care of those operations which are far too sensitive to be handled by the more well-known governmental departments. It accomplishes its duties by employing men like Richter, a contract agent whose official independence makes deniability possible. It is run by Richard Simpson, a man with considerable influence but not well liked those who work for him, especially Richter.

Richter is an Royal Navy pilot, still serving in the Naval Reserves, qualified to fly just about every type of aircraft in the inventory from helicopters to fixed winged and including Harrier VTOL, one he seems to especially enjoy flying. He is certified carrier capable and has flown in all manner of conditions in his many years in the service.

Despite his many qualifications there, though, his role in the military was more along the lines of a troubleshooter than a pilot and, in one incident, he remarked that he was usually the SLJO, an acronym for a "Sh**ty Little Jobs Officer". He was good enough that Simpson approached him to join the FOE when his time in service came up for renewal.

Richter is a tall, athletically built man who, despite his impressive physique, still manages to look disheveled no matter what he wore. He does not really care about his appearance, nor that of others, but he does know that he was been described on more than one occasion as a "badly packed parachute".

For the FOE, Richter continues his role of troubleshooter and is the man most likely to be brought in by Simpson for the hardest, most unpleasant missions, not because Simpson has any animosity towards him, which he does not, but because Richter is most likely to succeed.


Number of Books:9
First Appearance:2004
Last Appearance:2019

1 Manhunt Manhunt
Written by James Barrington
Copyright: 2011

A prequel, this novel tells how Paul Richter is hired to help sniff out a high-ranking traitor in British Intelligence but as the noose tightens, a female Russian agent reveals that the subject is the wrong man. Now both Richter and she are the target of the real traitor, determined to stay hidden.

2 Overkill Overkill
Written by James Barrington
Copyright: 2004

An international terrorist group has bought nuclear weapons from an angry Russion Minister and planted them in major cities. The Russians want their power back while the Arabs want to kill as many as possible. Richter is given the job of stopping them.

3 Pandemic Pandemic
Written by James Barrington
Copyright: 2005

Off Crete, a private jet submerged for 30 years was discovered by a diver. In addition to the corpses, he found a briefcase which he took and opened later. He was soon dead. Richter's job is to find out why he died and what happened so long ago.
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4 Foxbat Foxbat
Written by James Barrington
Copyright: 2007

Russian Intelligence is concerned about several strange events in and around its borders and are finding learning the truth elusive. One of the best operatives asks his old enemy, Paul Richter, for help.
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5 Timebomb Timebomb
Written by James Barrington
Copyright: 2008

While on a standard mission to arrest a man in Geneva using the help of local authorities, something goes strangely and bizarrely wrong and Richter finds himself wanted for murder. He knows he has to stay free to find the truth and the truth involves the safety of London.
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6 Payback Payback
Written by James Barrington
Copyright: 2010

An Englishman living in Dubai appears to have the ability to predict where Arab terrorists will strike next. Richter is doubtful but he is sent there to investigate but he has not yet the man before the mission goes haywire.
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7 Insurrection Insurrection
Written by James Barrington
Copyright: 2017

A number of what appear to be random shootings in the US will bring Paul Richter into the middle of a more gunfire and a great chance of getting dead.
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8 Understrike Understrike
Written by James Barrington
Copyright: 2018

The discovery of a body on a remote Arctic island results in Paul Richter being sent to investigate which in turn will mix him up in a mission involving a secret new Russian weapon which can change the world.
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9 Bioweapon Bioweapon
Written by James Barrington
Copyright: 2019

Two separate incidents of weapons researchers being killed bring Paul Richter into a case where old weapon technology, once scrapt, is being resurrected.
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2017

1 Retribution Retribution
Written by James Barrington
Copyright: 2017

The assassination of an African prince in London was certainly newsworthy. The fact that they also kidnapped one of his bodyguards makes it also intriguing.
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The first thing I have to say about the Richter sagas is that they are indeed sagas. The first book comes in at over 750 pages and the second around 650. The next three are not quite that big but still clock in at least 400 pages.

The author chose to let the reader in on all events connected to a mission. In the first book, for example, we watch Richter going about his business while cutting away to watch a monitoring team follow the progress of an SR-71 over Russia and watch the attempts by the Russian military to bring it down. It was all quite exciting and interesting but be prepared to jump around a lot when reading the Richter books.

One nice thing the author does in each of the books is to provide a enjoyable glossary of military and intelligence terminology and abbreviations. I knew most of them from my previous experiences and readings but some were new and that was fun.


My Grade: B


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