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Full Name: Philip Scott
Nationality: British
Organization: Department K
Occupation Agent

Creator: Hartley Howard
Time Span: 1964 - 1968


Philip Scott is an agent with British Intelligence.

The exact agency for whom he works is not specified although his section is known as Department K and there is a chance that is the bureau itself. Since we are told so little about the department, it could be assumed that it was highly secret and not known outside the intelligence community.

As an agent of many years, he has learned to trust no one and to never let his emotions out. He was very good at it. But as his age reached the mid-to-late 30's, the aloneness weighed heavily on him and he started to think of life outside his work and people not in the espionage business.

As a cover for his real work, Scott ran a moderately successful business known as Anglo-European Novelties - Importers and Concessionaires. In such a line of work, visits to the Board of Trade, especially the Import and Export office was commonplace, convenient since that was where Department K operated and from where Scott took his orders. It also gave him a reason to make frequent trips to place all over Europe, including behind the Iron Curtain. Since his work was real, his reasons for going places was real and he was less likely to generate suspicion.

After many years of this travelling alone and relying only on himself, Scott was very tired. He was even tired of being Philip Scott, as that was not his real name. He lamented that he almost could not remember what his birthname had been, he had spent so much time under his alias. He might have continued for many more years in his unhappiness had he not met, just prior to the first adventure, the woman of his dreams. That is when his troubles really began.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1964
Last Appearance:1968

1 Assignment K Assignment K
aka Department K
Written by Hartley Howard
Copyright: 1964

When Philip Scott received the phone call that told him his girlfriend had been kidnapped and that he now worked for the villain, Scott knew keeping her alive might get himself killed but he was determined to live long enough for revenge.

2 The Eye Of The Hurricane The Eye Of The Hurricane
Written by Hartley Howard
Copyright: 1968

Though he had hoped his covert days were long behind him, Philip Scott gets a call and is told he must do one more mission, one that will take him across Europe with many watching his every move and several wanting to end his journey for good.


Number of Movies:1
First Appearance:1968
Last Appearance:1968

1 Assignment K Assignment K
Director: Val Guest
Writers: Val Guest, Bill Strutton, Maurice Foster, Hartley Howard
Actors: Stephen Boyd as Philip Scott, Camilla Sparv as Tony Peters, Michael Redgrave as Harris, Leo McKern as Smith
Released: 1968

When his girl friend is kidnapped by enemy spies, Philip Scott, owner of a major toy company and also a British spymaster, must find a way to not give in to their demands: a list of all his operatives.


I am mediocre about this two-book series largely because of the first book. It has lots of action and mystery but it also had one huge element of disbelief in that the main character learns his love has been kidnapped and he must perform a service for the bad guy to win her back. Several days go by as the good guy tries to hide from and then find the bad guy. Several days? I would have thought the good guy would have been more anxious about his true love. I would have thought the bad guy more determined to get whatever important job he needed done.

The second book was better but that does not help much. I read it thinking, please don't make me have to rely on this guy. He might get the job done but it will be on his own schedule, regardless of my plight.

On a different note, however, Mr. Howard is a very good writer as far as dialogue and descriptions go. I have no complaints about his prose, just his plot.


My Grade: B-


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