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Full Name: Steve Brady
Nationality: British
Organization: British Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: James Pattinson
Time Span: 1972 - 2001


Steve Brady is a contract agent for British Intelligence.

Of course the word contract is an exaggeration since he never signs anything and they never offered one in the first place. And agent would indicate that he was possibly qualified to act on their behalf which he most assuredly was not and did not want to be. Are you crazy? People try to kill you, don't you know?

So he just does the occasional job for them when money gets tight and they ask nice and sometimes they send Linda Manning to do the asking. Now she was a knockout, able to talk any man into anything. And she was an agent, trained and everything and can use a gun and has more than once so she should do the job and leave Brady alone because he didn't need any of it. Except for the money, that he could use.

When the series starts, Brady is a 28-year old out of work and not sure what to do next. It isn't that he is not good at things, it is that the things he is good at really do not make him a living. He is good at antiques and knowing a bargain and knowing quality but he seems to find a good deal when no one wants what he has found, at least until he sells it for next to nothing to pay the electricity.

He had opened an antique shop with a small inheritance from his aunt and ran it for a couple of years but business went sour and he sold it before it was foreclosed on.

Now he is a good looking guy out of work. Standing a tad over 6 feet, he is in pretty good shape being an excellent swimmer and a very good gymnast. He has had some experience with guns in his younger days but that was enough to let him know he didn't much like them.

So he spends a time or two in bars and meets ladies he can't afford to take to dinner and wonders what he is going to do with his life. That is when he is given an offer that sounded just too good to be true. Just courier a simple rare algebra book from London to Amsterdam for a collector. Earn enough to last him a month of two, plus expenses.

This job brings him to the attention of British Intelligence. No department actually mentioned, of course. Better in the long run, you know. Brady didn't know any such thing but that didn't bother them. They liked what they saw in Brady - a man who could be the perfect bait for any number of situations.

Brady was not the least bit interested, thanks all the same. But he did need the money and each job sounded so very easy that he couldn't say no.

There was a gap of four actual years between the publishing of the 1st and 2nd books but after that, the author came out with a new adventure once every year or so for a while. The gap between the 7th and 8th was again four years. Then the author stepped away from Brady and his love/hate relationship with the beautiful Ms. Manning and the last one did not come out for fifteen years. While not quite that long passed in book time, there is a span of several years, making an interesting and compelling twist to the tale.


Number of Books:9
First Appearance:1972
Last Appearance:2001

1 Away With Murder Away With Murder
Written by James Pattinson
Copyright: 1972

The money couldn't have been easy to get. Just deliver a valuable book to someone in Amsterdam. Steve Brady was curious who would consider a first edition algebra book valuable, though.

2 The Honeymoon Caper The Honeymoon Caper
Written by James Pattinson
Copyright: 1976

Being asked to pretend to be married to a beautiful woman who had everything you could ask for shouldn't sound bad but it did to Brady since on a previous mission, he had almost gotten killed. But the trip to Finland did seem simple enough and he needed the money. That was before the KGB went after them.

3 The No-Risk Operation The No-Risk Operation
Written by James Pattinson
Copyright: 1977

Steve Brady was told this assignment was a no-risk job but he had heard that before. But this used his expertise in antiques and he was just to attend an international congress in such things and watch what another bidder was doing. Brady was right. There was some risk in the operation.

4 Blind Date Blind Date
Written by James Pattinson
Copyright: 1978

They should have still been mad enough at him to not ask him to do anything but Brady learned that it wasn't enough to stop them from asking him to head to Poland. They wanted him to use the name of a con man currently serving time but they wouldn't say why.

5 The Courier Job The Courier Job
Written by James Pattinson
Copyright: 1979

When they assured Brady that the job was so simple a child could do it, he knew he was in real trouble. It did sound easy, though. Just carry a simple letter from Person A to Person B. Simple. It wasn't.

6 The Antwerp Appointment The Antwerp Appointment
Written by James Pattinson
Copyright: 1981

Brady's little job in Antwerp was simple until he ran into a girl who should have been dancing in Poland and who pretended she didn't know him. He should have let it go at that but, of course, he didn't.

7 The Stalking Horse The Stalking Horse
Written by James Pattinson
Copyright: 1982

There were a few luxurious beaches along the Black Sea but Steve Brady did not really believe he would have that good of a time visiting those in Bulgaria. The lovely Linda told him he would have a great time, though, and only had to do a couple of very simple things while there.

8 Poisoned Chalice Poisoned Chalice
Written by James Pattinson
Copyright: 1986

The chance to go on a holiday to Austria with the beautiful Linda was too good an offer for Steve Brady to refuse. Naturally, there are a few strings attached and soon Brady is up to his neck in trouble trying to avoid a one-way trip to Lubianka prison in the Soviet Union.

9 Old Pals Act Old Pals Act
Written by James Pattinson
Copyright: 2001

It had been several years since Steve Brady was enticed by Linda to undertake a dangerous mission. Now she shows up on his doorstep with the request for help on a simple mission with no chance of trouble. Brady knew he had heard that before but he still agrees and heads to South America.


If you would like a really good fish-out-of-water adventure series, written with a light touch but by no means a comedy, look to Steve Brady. He has a good time with the ladies when they aren't trying to kill him. He likes a couple of drinks now and then but then he gets more willing to say yes to a job and that is never good.

Mr. Pattinson has such a deft hand with the humor. Brady has a sardonic attitude towards everything. He doesn't believe anybody but, darn it all, he wants to. And the people he deals with are either determined to kill him though friendly about it or determined to have him do them a small job and not so friendly about it.

How Brady stays alive is the real joy as he is without a doubt one of the luckiest fellows to ever be forced to wear a cloak and carry a dagger.


My Grade: B


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