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Full Name: Mark Castle
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Freelance Agent

Creator: Carl Marcus
Time Span: 1966 - 1967


Mark Castle is a freelance agent.

Once a well-respected agent for the CIA, working in a section headed by a man named Chris Kugel who was himself legendary in his day, Castle spent many years in the service of the Agency. Then an inheritance came to him and granted him a much easier life with a sizeable amount of land and a considerable amount of money. He decided it was time to stop working for other people and he quit his job. He could not, or would not, quit his love of adventure and excitement and danger. As a result, he made himself available for hire on a per-job basis. Missions that interested him he would take, leaving the boring jobs for others to do.

Of the two adventures depicted in this series, one was prompted by Kugel but undertaken largely to avenge a friend. The other was for a good deal of money but mostly to see an old love again.

No longer a young man, Castle is easily in his late thirties or early forties but he remains in great shape and can hold his own in most situations. He is described as a big man with a rugged build. "The softness and coldness in the eyes that promises death on a lonely street."

His biggest quality, however, is probably his confidence. He trusts his ability without hesitation such that he gets into more trouble than a less flamboyant man might face. His skill gets him out of the same jams, although reading the books, Castle gets knocked down or out a great deal of times. He never seems surprised by much which would indicate he walks into traps with his eyes open though sometimes they get shut quite suddenly.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1966
Last Appearance:1967

1 Mark Castle - Cable Address: Roma Mark Castle - Cable Address: Roma
Written by Carl Marcus
Copyright: 1966

Mark Castle was heading to Greece for a vacation. Stopping over in Rome, he receives an urgent request from a colleague but when arriving, he finds the man dead, killed with a steel arrow. Finding out why will bring him up against an international drug ring.
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2 Mark Castle - Cable: Vienna Mark Castle - Cable: Vienna
Written by Carl Marcus
Copyright: 1967

A request for a visit by a former lover in Vienna gets Mark Castle involved in the search for a Red Chinese defector who is being hunted by at least three governments and on whom a bounty of a half million dollars has been set.


Published by the erotic publisher PEC, this two-book series seemed at first glance primarily an excuse to describe hot bodies having turid sex in the days when such things were often sold in brown wrappers. This series definitely delivers that but the descriptions of the activity is low-keyed even for the mid 60s. In addition, the series strives to give good action and excitement in other ways and it comes through.

The actions of Mark Castle seem at times to be foolhardy - walking into traps just to see how they will turn out - but I liked Mark Castle nevertheless and would have liked more books about him.


My Grade: C


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